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Adult Training – Serves partici- pants ages 21 and up who have intellectual disabilities, both sighted and visually impaired individuals. These clients work toward mastery of skills learned during their student years and acquiring new skills if needed or desired. Clients enjoy recreational activities and personal pursuits that interest them. The adult training program includes life skills, vocational training, music therapy, specialized instructors and aides, along with physical fitness and recreational activities. Residential/Respite Care – Adult program participants have the option of living in a Royer-Greaves commu- nity group home. Residents share living space with other adults and Community Living Associates. Group homes allow clients to live as indepen- dently as their abilities and needs allow, with continuous 24-hour support. Royer-Greaves also offers temporary respite care services. Summer Camp – A new summer camp program was introduced this year for students with vision impair- ment, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, neurologic or other needs. The camp features two sessions that include outdoor water activities, an indoor pool, music, arts & crafts, playground, cooking and many more activities. To learn more about the meaningful work done by the Royer-Greaves School for the Blind, visit  Music therapist Suzanne Kane plays guitar and assistant music therapist Ron Curry, a former student who volunteers in the position, plays keyboard during a music therapy session with student Jala Winkey. Music is everywhere at Royer-Greaves because it allows everyone——whether or not they are verbal——to express themselves and enjoy something together. The Manor House building is the most iconic on the Royer-Greaves campus. During Easter week, students and adult clients enjoyed an Egg Hunt. They found special eggs that emit a beeping sound by using their ears! 62 1.800.558.0940, ext. 202 TO ADVERTISE | Phoenixville Area