IN Phoenixville Area Summer 2017 - Page 63

start the Royer-Greaves School for the Blind, a name she chose in honor of her father and husband. With the help of her mother, she opened the school in her Strafford home. The first student at Royer-Greaves was a blind, intellectually disabled 13-year-old girl. When she arrived at the school, she weighed only 56 pounds. Dr. Royer-Greaves taught her all basic functions such as biting, chewing, how to hold utensils and everyday grooming. Within a month, the school received its second student, a young boy from New Jersey. Dr. Royer-Greaves worked with the students to prove that not only were they “trainable” but, with proper individualized instruction, both students could function at a level much higher than anyone previously expected. During the summers, Dr. Royer-Greaves provided housing for the children from the Overbrook school who were homeless. This, along with the influx of students who were coming to the Royer-Greaves School, caused challenges at the original Strafford site. In 1922, Dr. Royer- Greaves purchased a larger home in King of Prussia to house the school. The location worked well for almost 19 years. Although she received no public funding, Dr. Royer-Greaves continued to grow her programs through her own resources and those of close friends. In 1941, the school outgrew its King of Prussia location and Dr. Royer-Greaves acquired a small estate on South Valley Road in Paoli, the site where the school still stands. Throughout the years, the Paoli site has been renovated and expanded to fit the ever-growing needs of the students and the community that Dr. Royer-Greaves established. On August 21, 1967, Dr. Jessie Royer-Gre ]\\L\Y]^H]\[ݙY Y]\\Y\]H^\[ۈقH[\ HXZ]Y[\H܈^[Y[܈\\XHB[]Y[ˈ[YHYXZ]Y\\ۛܜ[Xۚ][ۜY]\YK\\\ܙX]\X]H\BY\QܙX]\܈H[ XH\X\Y\HB[[\XHY[X\وY]KH۝[Y\\[]\\[\[Y[\\[ۋ\[ۈ[[\˂X]Y\QܙX]\܈H[^HHY\QܙX]\۝[Y\H[ۙY\[ܚœ\YH][\8'H[XHX[HوH[[\]Y\QܙX]\\؜\Y[HY[H 8'H^\XYBX^Y\^X]]H\X܋8'XXو\Y[\[][\B\X[]Y\[Y][ۈ\X[[\Z\Y[ H^Hو\[YHوHܘ[\Hٙ\]H[YY]HYX\]B۝[YH[Y\QܙX]\&HXY][ۈوݚY[YX][ۈ[\H[H\ܝ]K[Z[K[ZH][\KH]XX\۸&\š[]YX[^Y]X][ۈ[\Z^H\\X\YۈYY X[]H[XK'BHYYوHY\QܙX]\Y[H]H[Yݙ\[YK\X[\H\[ܙH[[]\X[]Y\]HY[XZ[X[YY[XX\ܛ\ˈ\H\[ ^x&\Y\QܙX]\Y[š]Hٛ[\X[]Y\[YY[ܙH[[]K[]YX[^Y][[ۈ[YX][ۋHY\QܙX]\܈H[ٙ\\[\]YBܘ[\X[YN^H8$\\Y[H H HYX\وYHYXX[^YXY[ZX\\[Y[X] XY[KPZ[H[Z[K[Y][ۋY[X\YH[[Y[[ۙ^H[[YBX[Y[Y[ [[Z[[][ۘ[[ˈHX]\\˜H\Y]Hو\\]]X[\ܝ\X\[Y[]\X\\K\X[YX][ۋ\]X]XYX[[XYH\\Y\ܚY[][ۂ[[ؚ[]K\X[\\H[\][ۘ[\\KY][ۘ[K\H\HXX[^YX[\X[]Hܘ[H\YۙY܈Y[]X\[[\X[\X[]Y\˂۝[YYۈ^YH8Y[Y[][Z[H]\YX\&\[[[x&\^H[H]Y[Z[[X[]HZYH]H\[ ZYH[XHY\BԑT]\\Y[]\H[H\\HXX[]^HH[K]\[Y[˜۝X[H[^BX^H]HH^\]B\H\\K[^[H\XH[[Y\ MXXY˘H