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YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION Kiddie Academy ® of Phoenixville Offers Tips for Finding Teachable Moments in Our Daily Routines W hen you think about all the things your children need to learn during their formative years—from ABC’s to multiplication tables and a whole lot more—it’s downright dizzying. Couple that with the ultra-hectic schedule that most working parents keep, and the prospect of finding time to teach your kids anything other than how to ‘hurry up’ becomes almost laughable. The key to building new skills is creating ‘teachable moments’ with your kids during your daily routine, one of the methods Kiddie Academy of Phoenixville teachers use with young children every day. The Academy, under new ownership, utilizes Kiddie Academy’s proprietary Life Essentials ® curriculum which encourages learning through play and building upon “teachable moments” in the classroom. environment and make an educated guess as to whether you’re experiencing a draught or an excess of precipitation. Whatever your daily routine, you can toss in some teachable moments when your children least expect it. Talk to the education experts at the Kiddie Academy of Phoenixville, now under the leadership of Janel Work, about teachable moments teachers are looking for during the school day, too. Visit www. to learn more. Once online, you can schedule a visit and even take a video tour. You can also call 610.935.7529 for more information, or send an email to INFANTS ∙ TODDLERS ∙ PRESCHOOL BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL ∙ SUMMER CAMP There are opportunities to learn in every aspect of your child’s day. Here are a few examples of “teachable moments” you can help facilitate at home: The commute. Most of us spend a good chunk of time each day trapped in our cars. Rather than zone out listening to the radio, it’s the perfect time to engage your children in a fun but enriching activity. Have a toddler? You can make up silly rhymes, ask her to count all the cars painted her favorite color, or even listen to a story on a CD and talk about it together afterwards. Preparing for dinnertime. While most of us throw something together for dinner each night, the teachable potential as you prep for dinner is endless. A preschooler can practice his ability to follow one or more directions at a time while playing assistant chef. Older children can work on comprehension skills by reading and following directions for recipes, or using math skills to measure out proper amounts of ingredients. Walking the dog (or just yourselves). A dog is the perfect excuse to take a walk with your child and, along the way, show her what’s going on in the world around you. Talk about the changes that take place during the seasons, and the evidence of that in your surroundings. Ask your older child to evaluate the 58 1.800.558.0940, ext. 202 TO ADVERTISE | Phoenixville Area We nurture courage. The urge to discover adventure in the everyday: it needs support before it gets off the ground. Children are ready to see how fun it is to take every lesson in courageous leaps. They find role models in their teachers and aviators who fly way above every obstacle and expectation. Kiddie Academy ® CampVentures ® turns your child’s ordinary summer vacation into a summer of exploration. All day adventures. All summer long. ® SM Under New Ownership! Kiddie Academy of Phoenixville 6&6WgPV旇fRCccӓ3RsS#FFV6FVג6V旇fP*V&'VǒBvW@e$TR$Tt5E$DWr7W7FW'2ǒB&VFVV&Rf"66RffW"W"6B'F6Fr6F0ǒ66FVגf"FWF2ffW"W&W0r#rfVSC#R6FS`