IN Phoenixville Area Summer 2017 - Page 57

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! General & Preventive Dentistry | Pediatric Dentist Periodontist {Implants, Gum Surgery} Orthodontist {Braces, Invisalign®} Endodontist {Root Canal Specialist} Prosthodontist {Crowns, Caps, Bridges} Oral Surgeon {Extractions, Wisdom Teeth, Sedation} FREE whitening New patients only following exam, cleaning and x-rays With this ad. Cannot be combined with other offers. Restrictions 丁ɕ̀ļ(()Ёȁͥ)ѥѡ)Ёѥ̸(=()ɕͥٔᅴ)Ʌ䁙ձѡѥɕѵ)]Ѡѡ́ ЁݥѠѡȁ̸)Iɥѥ́丁ɕ̀ļ܁]Ѡѡ́ ЁݥѠѡȁ̸)Iɥѥ́丁ɕ̀ļ)IԸ ͠ѥ̀9ɕ)]ЁЁɅ)]<%P10)%Ց́ɕձхѥ)9\ѡѥѥ́(M屭I)A٥A̴(еȁɝM٥ܹ呕хɽ)]ՅɅѕ)ԁѡ)ЁمL)ɥЁ)ѽˊé)Ё܁)ɕе)չͽɕ)Յѕɱ䁵饹)ɽ܁)̸ͥ)Qٕѥ͔) ()A٥ɕMյȀ܁̹