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SPONSORED CONTENT F DINING OUT or owners Brian Howell and Beth Burckley, Uncle B’s BBQ Shack, located at 413 Schuylkill Road in Phoenixville, is so much more than a restaurant. It’s a passion, which enables the couple to not only serve incredible BBQ but foster a sense of community at the same time. “From day one, we’ve received an enormous amount of support from the Phoenixville community, our family and friends,” says Burckley. “Uncle B’s is more than a business; it’s a way for us to give back to those who have helped us grow. We feel so strongly about partnering with other local businesses and community events. Our goal is like any BBQ, whether a restaurant or in your backyard: we really want to bring people together.” Since officially opening its first brick-and-mortar location on January 1, 2016, Uncle B’s has stayed true to its community commitment, sponsoring a multitude of events including the Chester County Pride Fest, the Phoenixville Blues Fest, Get Well Gabby: Carnival for a Cure, The Phoenixville Firebird Festival, The Jaycees Burn off the Bird, The Jaycees Intermural Sports League, Movie in the Park, Young Professional Networking Events and TASTE of Phoenixville. Uncle B’s also regularly collaborates with Phoenixville High School and countless businesses in the Phoenixville area. Howell, better known as pit master Uncle B, is a native of Florence, Alabama, and is perhaps the most famous man in Phoenixville. “When we moved to the area, there weren’t really any good BBQ options,” he explains. “We would get together with my family on the weekends, BBQ and talk about opening a restaurant. I was on Craigslist one day and found an Oil Tank Smoker in Delaware – I bought it and the rest is history.” Through their tireless work ethic and slow-smoked BBQ, Burckley and Howell have certainly captured the appetites and admiration of the Greater Phoenixville area and beyond. In 2016, Uncle B’s BBQ Shack Fried Chicken 64 1.800.558.0940, ext. 202 TO ADVERTISE | Phoenixville Area SPONSORED CONTENT was honored on PHL17 Philly’s Hotlist for not only Best BBQ but also Best Wings, named the Pottstown Mercury Reader’s Choice for BBQ, and presented with the Phoenixville Regional Chamber Beth and Brian of Commerce’s Business Development Award. In 2017, Uncle B’s added a Zagat Award to the wall, named one of the top 10 hottest BBQs in the Philadelphia region. With such a strong focus on community and producing the region’s most delicious BBQ, it’s not hard to understand why customers aren’t just loyal; they’re in love. Even famed Philadelphia Inquirer food critique Craig LaBan has written about his “favorite” Uncle B’s meal, which consists of baby back ribs, collard greens and mac-n-cheese. In addition to the traditional BBQ favorites, Uncle B’s also offers a diverse array of soups, salads, burgers, hummus and fusion items. All the sauces are made in-house, including the famous Alabama White sauce, which Howell has perfected over some 20 years. The menu features a variety of gluten-free items and the restaurant even has a dedicated gluten-free fryer. If Uncle B’s hasn’t already made your heart skip a beat, it also periodically offers a variety of vegan—you read that right, vegan—specialty items including smoked jackfruit, avocado slaw and vegan wings. The restaurant even participates in Phoenixville’s much-anticipated VegFest. Although Burckley and Howell’s Oil Tank Smoker has grown into a proper successful roadside pit stop, they’ve never forgotten to give back—whether it’s through volunteerism, meals, or profit sharing with local charities, Uncle B’s reminds us that love is at the heart of every good meal…and maybe some Firebird sauce too! In addition to dine-in and take-out, Uncle B’s offers catering for events, corporations and weddings. Visit Uncle B’s at 413 Schuylkill Road in Phoenixville (next to the Rita’s Water Ice) or online at www. PHOTOS BY BP MILLER FROM CHORUS PHOTOGRAPHY