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SPONSORED CONTENT BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT SPONSORED CONTENT Phoenixville’s Attorney: Suzanne Bender by Peter Urscheler Recently, I met with Suzanne Bender, Esq. in her office to discuss her law practice. As a sole practitioner, she opened her office at 216 Bridge Street in 1994. “I loved it here almost immediately. Even before the spectacular transformation of the historic district, people approached me warmly and welcomed me. I knew I wanted to stay and grow my practice here. At that time, I was one of only two lawyers on Bridge Street.” Although she grew up in North Jersey right outside of Manhattan, Ms. Bender traveled to Pennsylvania to attend Haverford College and Villanova University School of Law. Attorney Bender (“Please call me Suzanne,” she interjected.) specializes in family (divorce, property settlement and pre-nuptial agreements, custody/visitation and support), wills and estate (preparation of wills and powers of attorney, estate administration), real estate (preparation of agreements of sale, leases and deeds) and corporate (incorporations and contracts) matters. I asked her what prospective clients should consider when choosing an attorney.   “Domestic relations matters in particular are often fraught with complications and emotions, but this is often true no matter what type of case you have. It’s important to have a seasoned attorney in your corner who will pursue your case aggressively without encouraging you to make unnecessary legal maneuvers just to drag out the case and raise your fees. For the best outcomes, it’s critical for your attorney to be aggressive while not, at the same time, increasing tensions between parties and opposing counsel. In adversarial matters such as these, you want your legal rights protected, and you certainly don’t want to feel at odds with the attorney you hired to protect you.” I asked Suzanne what a sole practitioner offers to clients that a bigger law firm doesn’t.   “That’s easy…Big law firms have many attorneys. There usually are a few partners who have seniority and are the most experienced attorneys in the firm. Even if you retain one of the partners, the reality is that junior associates (with an array of experience levels) do much of the work on your case. In firms, too, there is pressure to bill clients as much as possible. In fact, most firms have billable hour quotas, which associates must meet in order to stay employed long term. I have no such quotas. I have more than 25 years of legal experience, and I will be the only attorney who works on your case from start to finish. If you have a question or concern, I am the attorney who will answer or address it. I really enjoy and take pride in getting to know each of my clients.” Attorney Bender has regular office hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and other hours by request. She is currently accepting new clients. For any questions or to set up a consultation with her, please contact the Law Office of Suzanne Bender at 610.933.3155, email at or visit her website at Phoenixville Area | Fall 2017 | 63