IN Phoenixville Area Fall 2017 - Page 58

Pictured left to right: Jay Pollinger, Al Cushman, & Gene Bechtel Public Works East Pikeland’s Public Works Department is staffed by three full-time employees: Director, Al Cushman, Gene Bechtel, and Jay Pollinger, and one part-time employee: Mike Scahill. They are responsible for maintaining almost 40 miles of township roads, storm water systems, facilities, and approximately 320 acres of township-owned property, parklands, and trails. Public Works is also tasked with creating mulch and compost for residents to purchase, among many other responsibilities. Their goal is to ensure safe travel on all Township roads and to guarantee that local parks and trails are well-kept and ready for residents to enjoy. If you see them out in the township give them a wave! 56 Phoenixville Area