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SPONSORED CONTENT BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT SPONSORED CONTENT Recovery Centers of America at Devon: Keeping Patient and Families Closer to Home and Closer to Recovery. In the midst of an opioid epidemic that has placed the country in a National Emergency, the arrival of Recovery Centers of America in Devon and their mission to save one million lives one neighborhood at a time is a welcomed sign of support for those struggling with addiction and their families. Devon is located in the heart of Mainline, in Philadelphia and is the newest treatment facility of Recovery Centers of America and specializes in behavioral health and addiction treatment. The neighborhood-based recovery center makes exceptional treatment for patients and their families affordable and accessible close to where they live and work. “We are combining world class treatment, the finest team of clinical professionals available, outstanding customer service, and five-star accommodations to provide a unique treatment experience. Our patients’ recovery is at the core of everything we do,” says Steve Wicke, CEO of Recovery Centers of America at Devon. Devon has 62 inpatient beds and will ultimately have 248 beds available for patients seeking substance abuse treatment by mid-2018. The center’s unique neighborhood-based treatment model is founded on the latest scientific research that indicates long and meaningful recovery is more likely when patients receive treatment along a continuum of care and actively engage their loved ones in the treatment and recovery process, while building other ongoing support networks. By allowing patients to receive treatment in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, Recovery Centers of America helps overcome the stigma of addiction and its treatment, which is essential to meaningful recovery. Proven-effective practices are selected specifically for the patient’s needs, taking into consideration the patient’s characteristics, situation, and preferences. Devon provides patients with evidence based treatment programs for addiction to opioids, heroin, alcohol, and other drugs, and co- occurring behavioral health disorders such as anxiety, trauma, depression, and bipolar disorder. The facility delivers a full continuum of care including medically assisted detoxification, residential treatment, partial hospitalization outpatient services, ongoing supports, and family services while offering five-star, residential accommodations. Patients recover in a comfortable, world-class environment designed to give patients dignity and respect. Other amenities include: Nutritious meals prepared by trained chefs, comfortable pillow-top mattress beds, fitness studio, yoga and other mind and body activities. “We are here to change the culture of recovery and to treat our patients with respect. We have built a community for support and provide 5-star treatment that treats the whole patient, body, mind and spirit,” explains Dr. Caroline McWilliams, Medical Director, Recovery Centers of America at Devon. Devon will serve as a center of addiction treatment, spiritual life, and healthy sober living for individuals struggling with substance use disorder. Devon’s five-star living arrangements are designed to eradicate the stigma of addiction, Ѽѥ́)хѼɕ٥ɕѵи)Iٕ ѕ́ɥ́ЁȁɅ̸)%ԁȁͽԁ܁́՝ݥѠѥ͔(ĴI =YId]ԁ܁ݔѽ)A٥ɕ܁̹