IN Phoenixville Area Fall 2017 - Page 40

Alumni News Above: The Negandhi and Sadowski Families Right: Kevin Negandhi and James Sadowski, recipient of the first Negandhi Family Scholarship Kevin Negandhi (Class of 1993) was the 2017 Commencement Speaker for Phoenixville Area High School. Negandhi, an award-winning sports broadcaster was recently named the new host for ESPN College Football on ABC. In addition, Negandhi will continue his demanding anchor duties on ESPN Sports Center: A.M. In August, he took time from that busy schedule to visit Phoenixville again and personally present a scholarship check to James Sadowski (Class of 2017). James was selected as the first recipient of the Negandhi Family Scholarship, established by Negandhi to honor his mother and brother, and his longtime times to Phoenixville. Negandhi shared “The idea behind this scholarship is to recognize someone who has gone through diversity…it’s about never forgetting where you come from, and a small gesture from our family to help his family.” James, a cancer survivor, is continuing his education at West Virginia University, with the hopes of someday sitting in the same seat Negandhi now occupies. Negandhi gave him great advice to “get involved, try lots of different things, find out what works for you, and follow that dream.” James fully recognizes the value of his new mentor, and he will approach this next chapter of his life in the same way he battled cancer. “I just try to keep a positive attitude, and a smile on my face every day,” he stated. The Negandhi Family Scholarship will provide James assistance as he begins his education at West Virginia. If you are interested in learning more about how you might establish a scholarship to benefit a PAHS student, please contact Mrs. Maren Bhalla, College & Career Counselor at PAHS: or 484-927-5133. Andre Thornton was a standout on the baseball field, both in Phoenixville and in the major leagues. In early May, he returned to Phoeni [H]B\\^K̎H]\Y ܛۋH[YB[Y\X[XYYH[\[\Y\\Y\]H][[[X[\ۙHۈXYBH\HX\ٝ[\[\\ۈ[][[ \Sو\ۈ\[KۙHو\Y\X\\Y[\XZ][Hؙ\[Y[H]\ ][[X[HHXZ܈XYYB\X[^Y\[[ۜ]\ܝX[\[[][]H[[Y[ ܛۈ۝[Y\]HX[^[K\H[˜\X]\ܙX]YH8'H^\['H\\\YX\Xۚ^H[][[ܘYX]KB[&]HY\و\[^[Hۋ[\[H۝[YYX\[\]\HBmH[HܛۋܘZY\[ۈ R”[\[ H[HH]ZXY T\\[\\[[[ B[^[H\X