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STEM CAREERS IN MANUFACTURING EXPLORING When you think of manufacturing, you may think it is an industry of the past, but according to a 2014 study by the Manufacturing Institute, U.S. Manufacturing is so large that it is worth as much as the world’s eighth largest economy. Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes the sector’s role in the U.S. economy has evolved and now plays a larger role in innovation, productivity and international trade. This shift in focus from one of traditional assembly to one of innovation has dramatic ramifications not only for the industry but also for the kinds of workers needed to continue its growth. STEM CAREERS IN MANUFACTURING With U.S. advanced manufacturing focused on being a leader in innovation, BLS states that there is an immediate need for workers who can operate networked robotic machines, develop software, manipulate electronic databases and more. Workers with critical-thinking skills are in-demand. The transition from manual labor towards an emphasis on STEM skills is the new hallmark of advanced manufacturing. AMP ADVANCED MANUFACTURING PREMIER SHAPING THE FUTURE OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING THROUGH STEM 5 OCTOBER TH DATE SAVE THE 2017 Held at TCHS Pickering Manufacturing. When you hear that word, what do you picture? Do you picture fast-paced, highly skilled, clean and modern with tons of opportunity for growth? Perhaps not, but you should! It is STEM realized! ! Advanced manufacturing is one of the top STEM fields for career opportunity. The average manufacturing worker in 2015 earned $81,289 annually, in pay and benefits. $ Career Opportunities: • Engineer • Designer • Sales • Manager • Welder • Programmer • Technician • Logistics • Marketing • And more! WWW.ADVANCEDMANUFACTURINGPREMIER.ORG An equal opportunity employer and educator 22 1.800.558.0940, ext. 202 TO ADVERTISE | Phoenixville Area Local manufacturers in Chester County and the surrounding region, in collaboration with the Technical College High School (TCHS) Pickering Campus, are dedicated to helping students recognize the benefits and opportunities available to them through a STEM career in manufacturing and are excited to announce the first annual Advanced Manufacturing Premier (AMP). Bringing Indus H\\[Y[•]\܈]]X[X\[•[HY[YX[YX\[\H\[][ۈ܈B[\\Y[SH\Y\X[HY[[[Z[Y\\B[]\Hو\ۛX[ۋSTٙ\Hܝ[]H܂YY[[[\[\\[HYY] \]Y\[ۜ[X\\XHHX[YX\[XY\š[HY[ۈX\ΈYYH\Yۈܜܘ][ۋ[X[BTK[ˋӑ^XH[ˋYHݙ\TH[[][X][ۜ•\\Yۈ[ˈ܈[\H\\STٙ\[ܝ[]HX[YH][Y]H܈Z\Y[]H^[\][ۈوܚ\[۝[YHH[ق[ݘ][ۈ܈Y[YX[YX\[˂]Z\H[][]BSTۛHYZ[YHY[[\\[K]][[H][[][[ܘ[H܈\[š[\\Y[X\[[ܙHX]SH[X[YX\[\[\Y[[H\XH][][؈[[˜XZ[H[\K\[][]KX[X\XXۛY\HX]YX][ۈ\H][X\[[X]܈[]X\[HXۛZX]\HوB[\H[[H\]Z\\[][[\X\][ۋ[[ۈYX][ۈ[H[Y[[ܛX]]H[[ۙHوHX[HY[Y\]\Y\ XX[YX][ۈٙ\\Hۙ[[ۈ\ۙ[]YZ[YHY[[HY\[^H[Y][ۘ[YX][ۋST[\[[[[YHB[X\و[[ۈ[[ۜ][ۜ\[\HSB[[H]Z[\[YH[YX]HY[X]H[\KY\HZX\ST[[XZBY[YX[YX\[[][[[\[\[Y[Y[[\[ۈ]\Y\ܝ[]Y\X^HB]Z[XKZ[]HܙY۝و\Y\ XX[YX][ۂST[]\HYX][ۘ[^\\HقX\[]H^\Y[Hو\Y[YX[YX\[\\ˈY\][Y[\[[Y[[\\[H[]H[ܝ[]HXZHHۛX[ۈ]Y[SH[Y[YX[YX\[[HXۛZX]\Hق\\[K