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EARLY EDUCATION Kiddie Academy ® of Phoenixville Offers Tips for: KEEPING THE CALM Young children like things “now,” but good luck trying to explain that to an impatient toddler. To sum it up, it’s probably safe to say that patience is not one of their strongest virtues. As every parent with a toddler knows, the emotional climate can shift quickly. Patience is something that is taught and eventually comes with maturity, so hang in there! under the leadership of Janel Work, about teachable moments teachers are looking for during the school day, too. Visit to learn more. Once online, you can schedule a visit and even take a video tour. You can also call 610-935-7529 for more information, or send an email to At Kiddie Academy, we teach patience as part of our Character Education program. Here are a few tips you can use at home when teaching patience: INFANTS ∙ TODDLERS ∙ PRESCHOOL BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL ∙ SUMMER CAMP • Start by talking about time. While one minute may seem long to a toddler, you can emphasize how short it really is by using a timer. You can also talk about events in a sequence so everyone is prepared. For instance, say “first we’re going to the park, and then we will eat lunch, followed by a quick stop at the grocery store. After that you can play with your toys.” • While a toddler need practice learning patience, not ever situation is ideal. Running errands or doing complicated activities close to naptime or eating should be avoided if possible. • With that said, always keep your purse or bag stocked with things to keep your toddler occupied. Coloring books, picture boards, puzzles and small toys are great to start with. Oh, and don’t forget some healthy snacks! • What’s the fun in learning when you can’t be silly? Goofing around with your toddler is a great distraction for both parent and child, and is entertaining too! Whether you’re taking turns doing your best animal impression or changing up the lyrics to a favorite song, being silly together will ultimately help pass the time and teach patience as you each take turns doing something fun! Whatever your daily routine, you can toss in some teachable moments when your children least expect it. Talk to the education experts at the Kiddie Academy of Phoenixville, now We nurture ingenuity. Aspiring innovators rarely go from zero to life-changing on their own. They start early, in an environment that rewards their drive to create better ways to do things. They model themselves after teachers and visionaries who show them what changing the world looks like, one invention at a time. Kiddie Academy ® Life Essentials ® lets children imagine that anything is possible. Kiddie Academy ® of Phoenixville 10 Chrisevyn Lane Phoenixville, PA 19460 610.935.7529 Schedule a tour and receive Free Registration New customers only. Not redeemable for cash. One offer per child. Participating locations only. Call academy for details. Offer expires 12/31/2016. Phoenixville Area | Fall 2017 | 21