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Continued from page 18 Education Live streaming enables students to have face-to-face contact with students, teachers, community leaders and industry experts like never before. Visualization is a proven tool for success, as teachers on the other end are able to demonstrate lessons instead of simply lecturing. This is exceedingly helpful in the matter of virtual learning. Instead of teachers working through chat, they have the opportunity to talk directly to their students, allowing for a more personalized experience for online learning. COMMUNITY SCHOOLS The idea of community schools was born with the thought of a school becoming the center of a community, instead of just a place located within it. A community school is built on partnerships between schools and other community resources and focuses on academics, social services, and youth and community development with the goal of being a hub for students, teachers, parents and community leaders to come together to provide support and opportunities to one another. COMMUNITY SCHOOLS OFFER: • Engaging Instruction – Community schools provide real-world learning and problem solving opportunities for students both within and outside of the classroom. Instruction goes beyond the teachers, encouraging students to engage with community leaders, local businesses and other public organizations. • Expanded Learning Opportunities – Community schools, which are typically open 24/7/365, offer and encourage students to pursue both academic and non- academic success by enhanced opportunities to learn and grow. • College, Career and Citizenship – Whether this is readiness for college, technical school, or simply to enter the workforce, community schools focus on ensuring 20 1.800.558.0940, ext. 202 TO ADVERTISE | Phoenixville Area that students are comfortable and confident after graduation to become engaged members of society. • Health and Social Support – A strong community starts with healthy members. Ensuring mental and physical well-being is a high priority in community schools. • Community Engagement – Community schools are run by a collective number of teachers, community organizations and other stakeholders that monitor and grow the well-being of the entir )չ+$ɱ ٕ+L չ͍́)ɥѡЁՅ)ɱ䁱ɹ́ѕȁ͍ݥѠ)ɕ́Ѽɸ+$ЃL չ)͍́ȁɥѥЁ)䁝ɽѠٕ)ѡɽ՝ѥ٥ѥ́Ѽɕ͔)и) ѥՕ