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SPONSORED CONTENT BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT SPONSORED CONTENT $50 a month for unlimited spa access (No annual contract; month to month) Health, Wellness & Rejuvenation At Ramsey Health and Wellness, at 35 Bridge Street in Phoenixville, the concentration isn’t on just one type of wellness, but instead on holistically treating the body and ridding it of harmful toxins which cause DNA damage. In a 2004 article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Lawrence Wilson, MD, wrote, “If I were to single out one method to combat cancer, it is the sauna. It assists removal of chemical toxins and heavy metals, increases oxygenation, enhances the immune system, and reduces the radiation burden in the body.” Ramsey Health and Wellness can help clients: • Boost Their Immune System – Mayo Clinic researchers found that white blood cells increased by an average of 58% during heat treatments • Detoxify and Deep Clean – the heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid and fat soluble toxins are removed • Relieve Pain and Stress –  Sauna use mimics exercise and helps reduce muscle atrophy; inversion therapy relieves the pressure on the discs and nerves on the spinal cord (90% of stimulation and nutrition to brain is caused movement in the spine) • Improve Tissue and Hydrate Skin – the average person has between 500 to 1000 times more toxins in the tissue than in the blood, cancer cells often grow in tissues with poor circulation • Increase Circulation – Cancer Treatment Centers of America found that hyperthermia dilates blood vessels around the tumor, causing oxygenated red cells to spread into the tumor • Reduce chances of Heart Disease – fight heart disease by increasing heart rate and strengthening the heart muscle; sauna use can increase heart rate by up to 30% “When a client comes to see us we provide a protocol of therapies especially designed to complement one another,” says Doug Ramsey founder of Ramsey Health & Wellness. “The combination of these therapies help the cells to heal from within. Most of us lead very sedentary lifestyles, which our bodies weren’t designed for, our treatments help the body to naturally and effectively eliminate toxins and heal itself from within.” The protocol which Ramsey follows has been inspired by numerous scientific studies on a variety of patient populations. “The process of using infrared saunas is widely accepted by many leading physicians and outpatient facilities that specialize in toxicology,” says Ramsey. “According to researchers in Japan infrared sauna use is a promising, non- invasive treatment for breast cancer.” In a clinical study, published in 2009, in the Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy, scientists studied far infrared’s effects on human cancer cells in vitro and on cancer cells in mice. Far infrared therapy reduced tumor volumes by 86% in just 30 days. German insurance covers 100% of sauna therapy as a protocol for cancer patients. For more information or for a free demo visit Ramsey Health and Wellness at 35 Bridge Street in Phoenixville, call 484-987-4179 or go to To help his clients reach optimum health a visit to Ramsey Health and Wellness moves clients through three specially designed steps. All three therapies are combined in a one-hour treatment. $50 unlimited spa access, no annual contract; month to month: Step 1: Inversion Therapy – designed to help relieve pressure on the nerves of the spine which helps support proper posture and is equipped with infrared and 140 degree heated cushion Step 2: Deep Tissue Massage – following inversion therapy the back is massaged to mobilize the toxins into the circulatory system in preparation for step 3 Step 3: Infrared Sauna Therapy – causing dilation of your vessels will help to excrete the mobilized toxins; the vibratory sauna bed will help increase muscle mass, remove toxins, cleanse the skin and increase heart rate. Phoenixville Area | Fall 2017 | 13