IN Phoenixville Area Fall 2017 - Page 10

WHAT’S NEWS IN PHOENIXVILLE AREA DRESSAGE AT DEVON Sept. 26 to Oct. 1 Dressage at Devon 2017 will take place from Sept. 26 through Oct. 1 at the Devon Horse Show Grounds. In addition to fine equine performances, the show offers some of the best food in the horse show circuit, plus 90 vendors offering everything from clothing and jewelry to art and ceramics for equestrians and non- equestrians alike. Dressage at Devon has been a premier North American Equestrian event since its founding in 1975. The six-day event attracts hundreds of riders from around the world and thousands of spectators. To learn more, visit ST. MARY’S FRANCISCAN SHELTER’S 30TH ANNIVERSARY GALA & AUCTION Oct. 6 Since 1987, St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter has housed more than 600 families, provided more than 112,500 nights of shelter and 336,000 meals for homeless families in Chester and Montgomery counties— including case management and on-site coaching to foster dignity and independence. On Oct. 6, St. Mary’s [] []\\H[H]]\ܙ\X] KX]\H\]Z\Y ܈[ܙB[ܛX][ۋ\]0˔X\\є˛ܙ܂[XZ[ [PX\\ٜ˛ܙ˂TVS”ԐSSRS“SQS’ӓԑQTЖBSPTQԔ”[^[HY[ܙ\ܘBۋ[\[ؙ^H[YYH[^ݙXH\H[XY\ MЖB[X\Yܜˈ^H[YH \XBY[[][[H]H[X[XY\\[Z[\X\\YۙY[Y[Xۚ^HZ\XY\\[[[\H[HXYHYX]K]X[XY\š[Z\YK ܚXH[[][]KЖH\[Y[ NMNB[YYX܈Y&PX[ ^YYX]X\ K[\ܛۈ[[[\][ۘ[[ݙ[Y[]HZ\[ۈ[\H[][]ؘ[[][]Hو[][[Y\HYHYX]YXY\\ \XH[[ݘ][ۋX\[ܙK\]˚؞\YX\ ܙ˂[^HܙHYX][ۘ[\X\ TB\^[Yܘ[[Z[\HY[]\X[]Y\ˈH]\ٙ\[\Z^YܚٛܘH][ۜ Kٙ\\ۋX[\Y\ܝ[Z[[š[Y[]\X[]Y\Y[HZ\[\[[[\[Z\[\ݙ\Z\][ۘ[[\\[ [[X][K]Z[\]]]H[\[ H\X\\HZ[ۈH[[Y[[[\H]Y[]\X[]Y\\HZB]\[ۙH[K^H[؜X\[[YH[\X\]H[Z\[][]K[Y]\[[\Y\[]\\H[H]\X[]Y\[HX]\B^H[]8&\HY[ˈ]\\۸&]ܚˈ\][HX\ٝ[؂X[Y[ [H]\X[]Y\[[[HHY\ۋ]HY[܈H؋][\[XX[\\Y[H][X]HBX]H[\YY\[H[\[ܝ[]Y\[\HH[]YX[8&\Ž K MN M ^ QTTH[^[H\XBHUTTSTX[]Y\[[\HX]YXYX™[\Y\YY˂T[XYH\YۚYX[^\Y[H[ܚ\XY[\ܘ[\[][ۈ\ܝ\X\[[\[Z[[[]X]]\˂[ݚ[[[\[\X\܈Y[\˜H]\[^\[\۝[][Hقٙ\[˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈ\Z^YܚٛܘH][ۜ[XZ[\˛]܂\]\Z^Yܚٛܘ\][ۜ˛] TSPSQёT\ HXXHYXH]ܚ SH[ۜ܈[^[x&\ [X[Yљ\Hۈ H K]H\[قYH[XZ[Y][[^[K[^[HYљ\\HY[\][]Y[[ܜ]H]\X[Y[YY[H[ܜ[[X[K\Z[XH[\\[ۘ]H][˂\X\][[\[\\[]HY[Y[\H^HوH\][ \HX]\Y\]\[[\^HH[^[HYљ\YۈۈZ\[H^HوH][ ܂[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ\]˙XX˘KœXXXYX[]ܚ˂UTUTTQU”TB\ [ݙ\ H[ۜٚ]܈H [X[8']\]\'H\Y]”\x%HYK[Z[KYY[K[Y[Y^Hق[X][H^][ܚ\[[[[\XX\ [H]\X [\Z[Y[HH\X\X]KXBZ[[ܞH\܈[[\وB\H\KHYKHXx&\X][