IN Peters Township October/November 2018 - Page 22

NOVEL NOVEMBER – ENJOY 2019 COUPON BOOKS AN EVENING WITH TIM O’BRIEN Wednesday, Nov. 7, 7 p.m., Doors open at 6:15 p.m. The Peters Township Library Foundation will welcome the bestselling author of The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien. Tickets are on sale through the library website at or at the Circulation Desk. Ticket prices are $5 for Students, $15 for Veterans, and $20 for Adults for general admission seating. Act quickly to buy a VIP ticket for $60 X[Y\•T\\YX][HKY][X\[ۋ؛Yۚ[][H&PY[\Yܜ8&[]]\HY\]][ۋ[HX\܂ۙHو&PY[&\˂H[YH܈\œXX[][[HB]\ۜ\Y]Y]ܚ][H]0X\X]\^BY[X]\^KBYۚ[[Hܘ[K[Z[[]B܈[H]B][ YYXHۜܜ˜\HL HTH[LKQT H]\ۜ\X\B[][ۈ\ۜܚ[H[BوH8'[H NH\ۈ˸'BY[H^HH\YX\[H[ۛYHYH]P\[0\][Y\[ܙHٙ\\H[\[ۈ[XܛB[HH\ۈ\H]Z[XB]H\[][ۈ\܈ XX YY[Y]HX\K[[HHX[Z\[X܈[[[XZ[Z[[\X]]Y[X\H[[KPUTQTTNUTH\\^HܙX]HQHY[[܂X\\[وY[ܛ\Xܛ[]YܚY\[Y[X[\]K\[\[Z[H[[ܙKܙX]BH[[HYY[Z[]\ˈ\ۛ[H\\B\]Z[XHYHX\KܙX]HB[X[\\\\X\ Y\[K[ܛ[™ۈ]\ H]ܚX[\]Z[XH]H[܂[ܙH[ܛX][ۋܙX]HY[[[Z[]\BHH[Yو[[Y[[X[\]H۝X\[\ܛ\[[ܙHB(Y \]X[]H[\][H\Z^XHܛ\¸(X\K]][\[[XYH[[X[ۜ¸(]Kݚ[K\X{ Hܛ\¸(X[]H]Y][YܙH[[[][ŒUTӔT