IN Peters Township October/November 2018 - Page 15

TENNIS CENTER Located in the Municipal Complex ~ 724.941.1330 MEMBERSHIP: Membership is required for all of our programs. We have many different membership categories for you to choose from. Please check out our web site, call us or stop by the Pro shop for more information. MEMBERSHIP SUMMER INDOOR YEARLY Resident/Non Resident/Non Resident/Non Adult $35/$53 $50/$75 $75/$113 Junior/Senior $25/$38 $35/$53 $55/$83 Family $75/$113 $105/$156 $160/$240 BUBBLE SEASON CONTRACT COURT TIME: Indoor Bubble Season Oct. 17 through April 28, 2019 Open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily INDOOR COURT RATES: Prime time: $28 per hour Member / $42 per hour Non-Member Non-prime time: $24 per hour Member / $36 per hour Non-Member ADULT PROGRAMMING: You can find an adult class each day. Some are held in the morning and some in the evenings. Programs include: Drill Court USTA Doubles and Singles Practice Cardio Classes JUNIOR PROGRAMMING: New Junior Development and Adult Development Programs all beginning Oct. 17! Details can be found on our website or stop in at the pro shop for more Information. LEAGUE PLAY: Check out our League opportunities for the upcoming Indoor season. We have a league for you regardless of your level. League Levels run from 2.5-4.5. wn 2018 FISHING DERBY WINNERS FIRST FISH Ilya Belldina MOST FISH Josh Hunter BIGGEST FISH Connor Gavin SMALLEST FISH Hailey Grant Tha RFFR4W'&&F'f"FV"7W'@B&Bv&Bf"rW"FVf6rFW&'VvR7V66W72vRvVB6ƖPFFFRfvr'W6W76W2f"FV"FFV@vfVv2B&W36G&V( 2W6WV`GG6'W&vvFf67v66vVG( 2vWBWG2ƖƗWBW2FvR6VFW"6w66Фf7V6Wg&WB4W'&f&VBWGFW'fƖv@G&ƖR&6V'fWr7&VFBV6&VvP66V6R6VFW"BFRf6b&@6֗76vR&V6FRW"7W'BUDU%2Dt4)ـ5B"R"bT"U"#