IN Moon Township Spring 2018 - Page 8

FROM THE PUBLISHER Welcome to the spring issue of IN Moon Township. Although there is still snow on the ground, it’s not too early to start thinking about spring and a fresh start to the new year. One thing that can help you hit restart is a trip to a spa to rejuvenate your body after winter’s long hibernation. Be sure to read “Spring Rejuvenation” for a list of spas in your area. Over the next few months, as the flowers bloom and the trees bud, spring is prime time to begin your home improvement projects. Check out our home improvement section for the hottest technologies and trends for smart home design, bathroom and kitchen makeovers, interior decorating, home office space, outdoor patios and decks, and more! Finally, we’ve got all the dirt on spring in this issue! Don’t miss our spring events guide for a listing of fun events and festivals the whole family will enjoy. Here’s to new beginnings! CEO & PUBLISHER Wayne Dollard VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS Leo Vighetti / EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Julie Talerico / REGIONAL EDITORS Mark Berton / South, West & Erie Nicole Tafe / North, East & Peters Township ART DIRECTOR Michael Miller / SENIOR DESIGNERS Sharon Cobb Jan McEvoy PUBLISHER’S ASSISTANT Tina Dollard CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Paul Glasser Jennifer Brozak Angela Magee Trill Dreistadt Reese Randall W.B. Fresa CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Primetime Shots Kathleen Rudolph ADVERTISING SALES Sophia Alfaras Valerie Bowser Matt Fritsch Jody Groggel Connie McDaniel Brian McKee Tamara Myers Wayne Dollard Publisher SEND US YOUR PHOTOS! Send Us Your Story Ideas! We’d love to hear from you if you know someone in your community who is making a difference or has done something extraordinary. We’re also looking for interesting story ideas (little-known facts, history or other news) within your community. If you have suggestions, email us at 6 7 24.942.0940 TO ADV E RTIS E ❘ We’re looking to publish your best neighborhood and community photos from your Instagram, iPhone or camera! Please email your ph F0FVFF'46w266VRFR&6vRf"FWF2VR6ƖVƗW2vPfR6&F搤֖R6fW'@֖6VRG&F6$fvWGFEdU%D4r4$DD FV&&RVFBVF6w26ФEdU%D4r5U%@F&66W֖W 7W6g&WV6FVW76R66V&W FGfW'F6P2FR&vW7BvRV&Ɨ6W"vW7FW&V7f6VGvW2&RF&V7BVBF ֖ƖW6VG2B'W6W76W2&RF#S6VFW2b^( @ƖRF'FW"vFW2V6R6F7@W"ff6RvW"VfvWGF@6W46w26*#'6VGvW2&vG2&W6W'fVB&W&GV7F"&WW6Rb琧'BbF2V&Ɩ6F2&&FVBvFWBFPw&GFVW&֗76bFRV&Ɨ6W"F&V7BV&W2WGFW'2FFRVFF"B&W70&VV6W2F󠠒6VGvW0fWr&@66'W&rS3ps#BC"Cfs#BC"c6w26ХV6R&V76RF2vRvV৖R&RF&VvVrB