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Get the Dirt on Spring Fun PITTSBURGH SAVOYARDS PRESENTS ‘THE GRAND DUKE’ Dates: March 2-4, 8-11 Address: Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall, 300 Beechwood Avenue, Carnegie Contact:, or 412.734.8476 Fun, Hands-On Learning Environment for Children! • State Licensed • Secure Building • Infant to School Age Education Programs • Stimulating Activities • Certified Staff Pittsburgh Savoyards closes the 80th season with one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most obscure operettas, “The Grand Duke.” This is only the second performance of this show by the company and the first production in over 40 years. Visit the website for more information on purchasing tickets and other details. Now Enrolling! Open 6:00AM-6:30PM • M-F 3 Locations: 35 Ingram Ave. Crafton, Ingram 412-921-9229 5487 Steubenville Pike Robinson Twp. 412-788-4930 1781 Pine Hollow Road McKees Rocks 412-771-9198 Set the stage for a healthy, active future Strength training on a regular basis along with lifestyle changes like reaching a healthy body weight and eating a healthy diet, can reduce your risk for stroke, certain cancers, and heart disease. ‡ ROBIN HILL LUNCHTIME CONCERTS * with annual membership L O C A L LY O W N E D A N D O P E R A T E D 24 Beaver St., Leetsdale 15056 724-266-3414 © 2017 Curves International, Inc. (1710) 30 724.942.0940 TO ADV E RTIS E ❘ ‡ & Music Hall, 300 Beechwood Avenue, Carnegie Contact:, or 412.429.6262 Strength Training! Didn’t see your favorite spring event? No problem! Email Join Now and for Get your night! First See the Join Now and Get your First Great a date to submit the information. * * talented cast of Stage 62 as they All events are subject to change. perform in this hauntingly ѥհ)ݥѠՅ͡)ݥѠՅ͡)ɽՍѥ)ѡЁѕ́ѡѽ䁽0< 00d<\88<@HP)0< 01d<\88<@HP)չͽȁݡɹ́ѡݕ)ͥ)ݡ)́Օ(Ё ٕ)Mи1͑((Ё ٕȁMи1͑(дش(дش))չѥɰYͥЁѡ)ݕͥєȁɔɵѥѥ)ѡȁх̸(eLI(eLI)́ɤ(ɽ(ȵѠɕɥ)ɕɥ))ɽЁ)Ք)Ք)ɽ)ɽЁ)مɥ́䁱ѥYݥѠȵѠ)ѹ)Ёѣe)ѣé)ٕ݅)ٕ݅9)9Ёم)م)ѹ́͡)͡5͡)5͡)Ё))̼ļ(ļܰ)ݥѠ)䁽ѡ)ѡȁ)ȁ)ȁ͍չи)͍չиY)Y)Ёѥѥ)ݥѠ)ѥѥѥ)ѥ́)丁9)9͠)͠مՔ)مՔ+)є5)Q́)ɕ5ѽȁ!M)Ցѽɥմ́ ٕȁI)5- I) хݡ͈ɜ$)ȁͥ́م她́)-ѡɥ͕ͽݥѠѡ)MɕѠɅɕձȁͥ́ݥѠ)ٕ))́))屔́ͭ)ɕ)ѡ)ݕ)ѥѡ䁑ٕ)аɕՍ)ȁɥͬ))ɕͥ)ѡ)չ)ɽх̰Ё͕͔)̰ͥͭѼɔٔ)ɥȁ䁄ݥ)ͥѽ)Ց)مɥ)ͥ)ɕѡѡɐ)Q)ɽ)ѽ)Qɽ)Ѽɽ٥Յ䁍)]͑䁽Ѡѡɽ՝)ȁչѥ́ѡЁѕ)ѡյȸYͥЁѡݕͥєȁɔ)ЁՍєՑ́ѡɽ՝)х̸)ѡմѡɥɥх)٥хɽѡɥ)MQȁAIM9QLa=%!Sd)չ䁉YͥЁѡݕͥє)ѕ5Ȱܴ)ɔɵѥ)ɕɕ܁ ɹɕ1Ʌ)MɕѠ)QɅ)ÁЁѣé)]MP!%11LMe5A!=9% 9) =9 IP)MɕѠɅɕձȁͥ́ݥѠ)Ёɕ)䁄ѡ)ɕչѥ)屔)ݕ)ѥ)ѡ)аɕՍ)ȁɥͬA))ѡI)!Aɬ)ɽх̰Ё͕͔)MɕѠ)QɅ(Y1U)eLI()є5ԀQхѥٔ쁍ѡ)ݕͥє)Q܁)ɕ]Ё!M)Ցѽɥմԁ]ЁI)%ɥ) хݕх͐ɜ)ѕ5ѡхѥ5)]ɥݥѠ饹)Q9Ѽā)əɵ)ɕ()Qɸ)Iո)I)5)MЁѡхȁ)MЁѡхȁ䁄ѡхѕ)ɽÊéͥ́Ѽ) х)ɭ̹ɜ)(ȸȸ)ѡ䰁ѥٔɔ)ѡ䰁]!M)ѥٔQ)ɔ)Qɽѽ))9܁Ёȁ)MQIP)=HI)]MP11!9d!% )M !==0 9LMAI%9) =9 IP(ɽЁՔɽЁمɥ́䁱ѥYݥѠȵѠɕɥ)ѹ́͡5͡ЁļܰЁѣéٕ݅9Ёم)ݥѠ䁽ѡȁȁȁ͍չиYЁѥѥѥ́丁9͠مՔ+)輽ܹȹɜ+ ܁ ٕ́%ѕɹѥ%)̹(ɽЁՔɽЁمɥ́䁱ѥYݥѠȵѠɕɥ)ѹ́͡5͡ЁļܰЁѣéٕ݅9Ёم)ݥѠ䁽ѡȁȁȁ͍չиYЁѥѥѥ́丁9͠مՔ+)輽ܹȹɜ+ ܁ ٕ́%ѕɹѥ%