IN Moon Township Spring 2018 - Page 26

SPECIAL SECTION HOME IMPROVEMENT • Mix and match: Gone are the days of matching appliances. A variety of companies are now offering new color lines of large appliances to mix and match for a trendy look. Matte finishes are an alternative to stainless steel, boasting a fingerprint-free surface that provides a sleek look. Two-toned cabinets are also sticking, bringing in similar hues while adding interest to the space. • Quartz and high-end laminate: Granite is making an exit as the most popular countertop with a durable, fresh-looking competitor taking its place in the ranking: quartz. Quartz is harder than granite and not porous, making it nearly indestructible and easy to maintain. Don’t have the budget for quartz? What used to get a bad rap is now stealing the show. High-end laminate is now imitating the look of a natural stone countertop. Don’t rule it out until you’ve seen it. • Golden fixtures: This year is all about customization, allowing for more freedom when choosing kitchen fixtures. Brass and copper finishes are paired with slate appliances to add a modern feel to the entertainment hub of the home. Decorating Trends Decorating has never been so customizable. Focus on your inner self and what makes you feel calm, relaxed and comfortable in your home. This year is all about self-care and bringing happiness into the home. • Bring in the green: Plants not only add a pop of color to any room, they also improve air quality and purify the air. Choose plants that are easy to grow and maintain for a foolproof way to freshen up a room. • Geometric patterns: Farther down on the trends list for 2017, geometric patterns crept up to #1 on the list of trends in home decor this year. Add these unique patterns with tiled floors, backsplashes, or shower stalls. Too permanent? Try adding a funky wallpaper or piece of art to the walls. Fabrics are also a simple way to add interest to a room and can quickly be changed out when a new trend comes along. • Wood treatments: Aligning with the need for connecting back to nature, earthen treatments, like wood and stone, are allowing homeowners to reconnect with their roots. Organic materials are also making their way into home decor.   ■ Your Complete Home Remodeling & Expert Design Service Provider From Start To Finish Specializing In Kitchens, Bathrooms And Game Rooms ROOFING WE ALSO PROVIDE ROOF CLEANING 5X WINNER WINDOWS SIDING PORCHES & MORE DECKING FREE ESTIMATES 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE FULLY INSURED WWW.INKSINSTALLATIONS.COM KITCHENS 24 724.942.0940 TO ADV E RTIS E ❘ PA0A6H1C372 412-653-0850 OR 724-776-0805 1100 WILHELM AVE. PGH. PA. 15236 IN SOUTH PARK