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s pring Rejuvenation Come Feel the FIRE FITNESS // INJURY PREVENTION // REHAB AND RECOVERY // EDUCATION SERVICES PROVIDED • Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation • Manual Therapy - IASTM, Point pressure release techniques, joint mobilization • Low Back and Cervical Pain • Arthritis Program • Ligament Sprain, Muscular Strain, Tendinitis Treatment • Custom Orthotics • Concussion Rehab • Video Analysis of Running Mechanics • Appointments scheduled within 24 hours Call for a free Consultation! —No prescription needed— 412.375.7177 994 BRODHEAD ROAD // MOON TOWNSHIP // 15108 Chvasta European Skin Care Address: 85 Broad Street, Leetsdale Contact:, or 724.251.4772 Founded in 1980 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and now headquartered in Leetsdale since 1986, this family- owned and operated spa is a leader in the field of aesthetics. Its mission is to educate clients in the art and science of personal complete body care and beauty. Esthetics of Sewickley Address: 402 Beaver Street, Suite 2, Sewickley Contact:, or 412.741.0446 A spa and hair salon located in Sewickley that provides guests with expert facial skin treatments, hair styling, cut and color treatments, manicures and pedicures, waxing and hair removal, and massage. Dedicated to enhancing the lifestyle of its guests in the Greater Pittsburgh area for 25 years. The Sewickley Spa Address: 337 Beaver Street, Sewickley Contact:, or 412.741.4240 Are you ready to go to an oasis wher ׊eɔɕ)ɕЁѡ́׊eɥЁ͕٥)ѕѥЁѡѽ]ѡ)ԁ݅Ёѡɕٕѥ͕ݕхɅ)Mݕ͠ͅQMݥḾɕѼ͕ٔԄ)QɅեݕMA)ɕԁ9ͽIMեєMݥ) хɅեݕᙽɐȀи)ȁɥ́Ёɑͭͅɔ͠)͕٥̄=ɥɥ́́ȁٕͭ)ɸձ݅᥹͕٥̰aɕ啱͠ѕ̰ͥ)́ͅɔ)YM$MM)ɕ ٕȁMɕаMݥ) хمͅȀȸĸ)A͉ɝéɕɔٕ屔ͅѽɔ)ѕѥѼ͕٥Յ䁡́ѡ́ͅ)䁱ȁݡɔѡѽȁ݅́́и)QՅхɽ٥́Ё٥ݥѠٕȀ啅)ͥ́ɥٕȀ啅́хɥ)ٕȀͅѥ͙ѽ́ͥЄٕ)ѽȰ̰ͅͼՍɔ)eЁ͕ȁٽɥєѕ9ɽ)1Ё́ՑЁЁ啅ˊéѥ̄)ѽ̹ѼՉЁѡɵѥ((иȸQ<XIQ%L+v`)̹