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COLLEGE CAREER SUCCESS COLLEGE & & CAREER SUCCESS Here at Ensphere College Planning Services, we are delight- ed to tell the readers of In Community magazine who we are, what we do and WHY we do it. About eleven years ago, our Financial & Re�rement prac�ce began to realize almost no nancial planning rm in our area properly prepared families for the complexi�es and costs of college. The most we saw were rms who told clients, “Put some money in a 529 Plan, and hope for the best.” Not the kind of advice that made families very comfortable. We looked into the cost of college and were shocked at how fast those costs were rising. College costs have risen faster than medical costs. One client with four students was looking at over $640,000 in all. When I went to college at PSU in State College the cost was around $2,400 per year. Today, parents sheepishly admit they don’t have much of an idea how to help their student choose a career, how to pick a college or university, what forms need to be sub- mi�ed when and where, and how much college will cost for their students. They don’t have a clue how paying for col- lege will affect the family’s nancial situa�on. Who borrows how much, and should the student have skin in the game? How much can a student actually borrow? Does this mean I will be working longer than expected? Where can we turn for answers to these ques�ons and all the other stuff we have only heard about? Relax, dear reader. Ensphere College Planning Services, LLC was designed to answer all of the above ques�ons in wri�ng and help you with every aspect of college preparedness. Our Career Assessments are cu�ng edge and focus on the posi�ve traits of all of our students. Our programs teach the student how to search and locate their own path. We teach them to wrap their own arms around their future. SAT/ACT prep, student essays, every college applica�on, FAFSA and Prole lings, price nego�a�ons with universi�es, and much more are all part of our comprehensive services. College Planning, Financial Planning, Re�rement Planning and Legacy Planning are led by top professionals with MBAs, CFPs, ChFCs, and more years of experience than we care to men�on. I want to leave you with these thoughts. The Ensphere Group of Companies has assisted over 600 families in southwestern Pennsylvania. Every family we work with is beyond special to us. Many of our clients have become personal friends of our office personnel. We know how to help you; we love having an almost immediate posi�ve impact on our client families. All of us at ECPS look forward to doing our part and mee�ng those special families who are raising the next genera�on of community lead- ers. ‐ Michael Giffin, President & Founder of Ensphere Is Your Family On Track? Upcoming Workshop in Your Area! Tuesday, February 20th at Moon Township Public Library Tuesday, March 13th at Robert Morris University from 6:30‐7:30 PM Save your seat at Can’t make a workshop? A�end an online webinar!