IN Moon Township Spring 2018 - Page 12

INGOOD TASTE Candid conversations with the dining scene’s most engaging chefs Ryan Courter, Owner, Selma’s Texas Barbeque Selma’s Texas Barbeque 9155 University Boulevard, Moon Township; 412.329.7003, On the Menu: Traditional Southern slow-smoked meats and Texas barbeque. Hand-rubbed St. Louis-style pork ribs, all-natural chicken slow cooked over hickory, slab ribs, pulled pork, chopped brisket, smoked turkey, fried popcorn shrimp and hot Italian sausage. The Southern-style fried catfish is farm raised, lightly dusted in seasoned cornmeal and served with hush- puppies. Sides include fresh-cut fries, mac ‘n’ cheese, collard greens, baked beans, green beans, potato salad, coleslaw and fried okra. Wrangler sandwiches and Texas-size salads tossed with mixed greens and fresh vegeta- bles are also offered. Plus, there’s house-made Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake (a single Chocolate Coca-Cola Cupcake is served free to every customer on Wednesdays). Gluten-free menu options are also available. The restaurant offers dine-in, carry-out and catering services. What led you to own Selma’s Texas Barbeque? I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My business partner, Dave, was also from down south. When we moved to Pittsburgh, there wasn’t food we could find that was the food we grew up on. There’s a style of food here in the north we weren’t accustomed to eating. We decided to open a restaurant that made really good Southern food. Named for Dave’s grandmother, Selma, we created Selma’s Texas Barbeque and opened in 2010. We Q A make most of our menu items from our families’ recipes and keep the authentic tastes from our southern roots. How do you decide on the menu? The core menu is good southern smoked Texas style because everything we make is cooked low and slow. There’s no microwave on-site; everything is made now. We’d rather sell out of something first than warm it up. Basically we continue to focus on Southern comfort food made from scratch, and make it in the open kitchen concept so you can watch us through every step as we slice it, cook it and create it. What kitchen tool can’t you live without? It has to be our chef knives. Everything we do is all hand-cut with no slicers. What is your best advice for a novice? Do something you love doing and then it’s not work. When I service all of our catering events I’m doing something that many people can’t do at home. W ЁЁݽɬѼЁ͔ݔ݅)Ѽɔӊéͽѡѥ)]ȁɽ͍Ʌэݔٔ)ɥѡи]ͽ́ɸՙ)$ѡ䁅ͬqeԁѡ́ɽ)͍ɅэwQѡӊéɕ䁍ѡѼȸ%ӊéѡ)ɕͽ$ٔݡЁ$)]Ё́ȁٽɥєեѼɕɔ)Ё)5ݥ1$ٔݼѱɱ̀̀)ँݡٔɉ՗QЁԁ䁕)ͼՍѡЁ$Ёѡ)ӊéɕͽѼͅ$ݡ)՝̰ЁЁ̸$ɥЁ)ѡ՝$ɥѕ)I典 ѕȰ=ݹȰMéQ́ ɉՔ)ф%$ɥͽѡɽMe)ȁѡɱ́ӊéȁ5 ͔ є) Qѡ䁱ٔѡѠ)ͽѥ́$eЁɥMéȁɥ)ͥӊé!ЁAЁѡЁ́ѡ)]Ё́ȁٽɥєѼɕ)%Ё́Ѽȁ͕ͽͅӊQЁٕٕ́ѡ)%Ё́ȁѕɝϊQ)ٕȁٕх̸)=ѡȁѡȁɕхɅаݡɗé)ٽɥєѼ)]ЁȁͥϊQаݔЁ)ͥ́ѥЁЁ5ɭЁɥЁ)Iͽ]Ёȁɽ͡)ѡݔЁѡɔ)]ӊéѡЁȁɕ)'e͕ٔЁѡ́Ё)ɔ݅́ȁٕMé́)ЁՅаЁݔɕєɕ́ѡ)х܁́ѼѡЁɔЁѼ͕ٔ])ٕՅ݅ЁѼȁձȁѼٔ)Ѽ݅эA͉ɝ̸Ёѡѡ)݅ЁɅեɥ)ݥѠє͕٥+QI͔I)AձAɬ]ɅȁͅݥݥѠͥɕ͠Ёɥ́ad͔((иȸQ<XIQ%L+v`)̹)!ՉMи1ե̵屔ɬɥ́ݥѠ)ͥɕ̰ͱܰɹɕ) є