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NIAGARA network Some families might feel that planning is not available to them because they don’t have any money to leave to an adult son or daughter with they pass away, or can’t afford a lawyer or estate planner. This is not true. There are many aspects of the planning process that aren’t related to money. It is also important that families with limited resources learn about what public benefits may be available and take steps to enroll their family member in available programs Special Needs Trusts can be used to supplement government supports and services, but it’s important to find an agency or company that you can trust when deciding who will best manage your loved one’s assets. The decision regarding when to establish a trust is based on several factors, but some of the most common reasons for establishing a trust are: when family members 70 724.942.0940 TO ADVERTISE | Millcreek are developing their estate plans, when family members want to begin saving for future security, or when an individual with a disability has too many assets to remain eligible ȁхٕɹЁ̸)́͡ձ͕Ё)ݥѠ͔Ёȁͽ͕٥)ɥѼѼѡɅѥɽ)Ʌєѕ]ѠѡЁɥх)ݥݽɬݥѠ٥Յ́ݥѠͅѥ)ѡȁ́ѼɔѡЁɽ)ٕɹЁ͕́٥́ɔ)ɽ٥ѡЁѡչ́ɔ)ɥѕɕͥȸ%ɽ)ɥѥ́Ѽ́ȁɕՍѥ)ٕɹЁ̸)Q 1٥ ѕȁ1)ɥЁɕѕ܁ѥ)ͽݥѠͅѥ́ѡ)́Ѽٔͅȁɔͅɕѕ)͕̰ՍѡɕЁMѥ)ՍѥM٥́ÁѡЁ)ٔͅȁՍѥ̸͕) 1չ́܁٥Յ́ݥѠ)ͅѥ́Ѽյձєͅ٥́ݥѡ)ͥѡȁ䁙ȁ́ѕѕMM$)5ѡȁٕɹЁ)ɽɅ̸Qȁ 1չ)٥Յé́ȁͅ䁵