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fastest, with an average of 83 days on the market, while homes with an ocean view sit for 98 days (mostly due to the elevated price of oceanfront property). If you are in love with a home that has a view, be sure it is there to stay. Although you may see rolling hills through your living room window now, who’s to say a real estate developer won’t see that same space as the perfect opportunity to build more homes? Check with your local municipality for land use regulations to make sure your view will remain. Continued on next page ➢ WHEN TO SELL Current homeowners have a positive outlook with the real estate market on the up and up. Keep in mind these real estate selling tips before your house goes on the market. 1. Keep it clean! It’s easy for life to take over and daily chores to fall by the wayside. Don’t let this spoil your goal of selling your home. Kids, pets and messy spouses should be kept at bay during peak viewing hours. Finding it hard to live at home while trying to sell? Invest in a few extra storage bins with decorative flair to keep toys, clothes and shoes out of sight to potential buyers. 2. Where possible, take the home out of your house. Remember, buyers are buying their new home, not your old home. Get a head start on moving out by putting trinkets and collectibles in the basement and giving potential buyers the ability to picture their own unique personalities in the space. Closets are an important selling feature, so start packing away off-season clothing to give closets the appearance of more space. 3. Make smart upgrades. Make moderate upgrades that speak to the current market of buyers. Replace old carpets with new hardwood or laminate flooring. Invest in a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint for bedrooms and common areas. Fix broken closet doors, replace outdated hardware with sleek new knobs and handles, and clean your mirrors and windows. Thinking small will deliver big payback. 4. Cooks in the kitchen. Every cook wants a nice kitchen. If you have some money to spend, think about upgrading flooring and countertops to match current styles. Think about upgrading one or two key appliances to stainless steel. Don’t have much money to spend? Good-quality cabinets can always be painted or updated with new hardware. The upgrades will be worth it. 5. First things first. You want to capture potential buyers the minute they pull up to your house. Keep the lawn tidy and plant a few flowers to make your home approachable. Light a candle or add fresh-cut flowers to the main entrances or common areas of your home to make it feel more inviting. Millcreek | Summer 2017 | 51