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SPONSORED CONTENT BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT SPONSORED CONTENT Admar Construction – Your Erie Equipment Family With construction season in high gear, Admar Construction is not only meeting the demands of contractors but also ramping up its equipment offerings to homeowners and DIY-ers, as part of its commitment to being a good neighbor in Erie. Homeowners this season will see a variety of safety equipment and ladders for sale, as well as increased rentals on drills, saws, air compressors, generators, pressure washers and a variety of compaction equipment. Admar will be adding a monthly equipment sale to move its used inventory fleet to make way for new purchases, passing on extraordinary savings on quality used equipment to the public. Those interested should call Admar at 814.833.7761 for dates and times. Admar also added Saturday hours to its already busy schedule, giving weekend warriors time between 8 a.m. and noon to buy or rent that last-minute tool or machine that they forgot they were going to need. And, it’s open by appointment after hours with a simple phone call. “We’re a one-stop shop for your construction needs,” said Branch Manager Sean Whelan. “We are the largest independently owned construction equipment and rental business in Pennsylvania and New York, and we rent to anyone from weekend DIY-ers to general contractors.” For contractors, and advanced DIY-ers, Admar is adding all-new excavators, skid steers, track loaders and machines of all sizes from Gehl and scheduling demos for customers looking to get started on their projects. Whelan said behind-the-scenes support on equipment is Admar’s strength: “Our value is equipment you need when you need it, but beyond that, we consult 40 724.942.0940 TO ADVERTISE | Millcreek with our customers and help guide them so whatever project they’re working on turns out great.” This spring, Admar sponsored Superhero Night with the Erie Bayhawks, honoring first responders for their service to the community. The company supplies equipment for nearly all of Erie’s major events throughout the year, from the Roar on the Shore and Celebrate Erie, to the Tall Ships Festival (providing generators for the boats) and the Erie Days Kids Construction Zone. So if you need a pump because your basement flooded, or you need a generator for that outdoor party you’re planning, Admar Construction Equipment and Supplies can help. It’s also a dealership for the items than can be rented, so if you’re going to need to move a lot of dirt or have an ongoing issue that requires a specialized mechanical solution, Admar can sell you what you need and supply all the parts required to keep it running like the day you brought it home. The company accepts cash, credit cards and, if you are a frequent renter, you can open your own in-house account to minimize your downtime. For more information on Admar Construction Equipment and Supplies and how the staff can help you with your next project, go to the website at, where you can see all of the equipment available and services provided. You can also call directly at 814.833.7761 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. Or stop by to see for yourself at 3001 West 17th Street, 16505.