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MEET SOME OF OUR TEAM MEMBERS: H John Bush Trainer for new EMT’s with MPS I t’s more than lights and sirens, it’s about helping others, being there for people in their time of need. It’s about serving others, every day, selflessly, and being ready to assist our communities when help is needed. As National EMS week approaches, Millcreek Paramedic Service urges those in our community to celebrate, unite and inspire the men and women of our community’s emergency medical services. H Alicia Nuse Education Coordinator and Trainer for new EMT’s with MPS H Randy Jagta Team Leader, Trainer for new Paramedics with MPS H Brian Salvatore Team Leader H Jenna Roseski Team Leader H Jeremy Thompson Team Leader H Matt Wlodarczyk Tactical Medic with Millcreek Police Department Administration Office Information: Business Office Location: 3608 West 26th Street Erie, Pa 16506 Business Office Phone Number: 814.836.8677 Mailing Address: PO Box 9038 Erie, Pa 16505 Emergency Phone Number: 911 Our website : The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) was involved in establishing EMS Week when President Gerald Ford declared November 3-10, 1974 as the first “National Emergency Medical Services Week.” This annual observance continued for four more years and was then reinstituted by ACEP in 1982. Around this time the observance of EMS Week was moved to September. In 1992 EMS Week was again moved to be the 3rd week in May. The move was made to separate EMS Week from Fire Prevention week in October. The basis for the move was the majority of fire and T06W'f6W2fVBfrFRGvWfVG2&6F&6W'BFRVffV7FfVW72bV6&w&6T2vVVv2fVBFT2vVV#r2##rFR4U2&rvFTBF766FbTN( 2F&W6VBFRT07G&r6vT27G&rvPT2vVV3cRFV"FFfRFvfRT2w&VFW"f6&ƗGrFW VF&fW762B6VFW2WGFpVW&vV7VF66W'f6W2vW&RB&Vw327'V6'BbFRVF6&RfVBगBFW27V6BbW'6F6&Pf"FW'2F&6RFFR6bGWGV6FRFWvƲF&VvFRF'2Bv&vVR6VRW"6f'7B&W7FW'2vfPFVvfR"FFVf"FV"6W'f6P&V6W6RvFWBFVF2v&BvVB&RV6FffW&VB6R6w&GVF2FTB"Ɩ6W6R֖7&VV&VF06W'f6W>( VVRbFRV'FW"Ɩ62TTPFW"bGvvFW2w&VB&FRW""Ɩ6bDPT%DU"66VGVW2BFV6W2FRf7B&GbW"$2G&p&w&2B5"676W2BFRWFVFVB6&Rf6ƗFW2FVFff6W2Bf&RFW'FVG2Ɩ626fV@G&rff6W"BG&W2WrVVW27V6f6ǒFR&VbF7VVFFƖ6v2&V6VFǒFVBF&RFR6"`FR6fWG6֗GFVRƖ62&VVw&VB76WBFFR6琧66RW"7F'BvF2fV''V'b#RBvRf'v&@FfrW"6FVRf"V'2F6R6w&GVF2FƖ6֖7&VV7VW"#r6w263pT25E$s6֗GFVBFW"6VG֖7&VV&VF26W'f6