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u MILLCREEK TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT: BUILDING FOUNDATIONS FOR LIFE! Least Amount of Lunch Trash Challenge E ach year, Asbury Woods teams up with Millcreek Schools for a trash collection competition. This year’s “Least Amount of Lunch Trash Challenge” winners were Asbury Elementary School and Tracy Elementary School. In the fall of 2016, Mrs. Dean’s second grade class from Asbury Elementary won the second grade competition for generating the least amount of trash at lunch. The class generated only one ounce of lunch trash for the entire class. Mrs. McQueeny’s fifth grade class from Tracy Elementary won the fifth grade competition for generating the least amount of trash at lunch. The fifth grade class also generated only one ounce of trash for the entire class. The amount of trash collected during lunch for all the 1,425 students and teachers from the Millcreek Township School District’s second and fifth grade classes was only 34.54 pounds. It is amazing that only 34.54 pounds of trash was collected for 1,425 people! This amount equals .24 ounces per person. To put it in perspective, a Snicker’s bar weighs 2.5 ounces. All their remaining items from lunch were either reused, recycled, upcycled, or composted. t McDowell Students Win STEM Competition and Advance to State Competition McDowell students, under the direction of teacher Kyle Bucholtz, won the Governor’s STEM Competition at the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit #5. McDowell students created a smart armband that senses distance and provides visual and haptic feedback to the user. The target market for the product is the visually impaired. McDowell qualified for the state competition to be held on May 19, 2017, and the students are excited to showcase their invention! J.S. Wilson Academic Sports League Wins State Title Following their study on World War II, the J.S. Wilson Academic Sports League Team won the State Middle School Academic Sports League Title. At a recent competition, held at Collegiate Academy, the team competed in six categories. The team will now advance to the National competition, which is an on-line contest. McDowell team member Spencer Ferber working on the device at Bonnell’s Collision, who is McDowell’s business partner for this endeavor. McDowell Speech and Debate Wins State Championship Left to right: David Nasibyan, Victoria Avanesov, Peter Oblinski, Aidan Fordyce, Jack White, Aashka Gupta, Vaughn Wampole, Maddie Lloyd, Teddy Buchanon 34 Millcreek The McDowell Speech and Debate Team recently competed in Championships at Bloomsburg University. McDowell students completed the competition with strong performances, including senior Vanessa Pierce and junior Garrett Garlock placing second in Parliamentary Deb є)QЁ٥ՅəɵѡѽɹЁ݅)͕ȁ ɥ́ ѱȰݡݽѡMхє ͡)!յɽ́%ѕɕхѥQ́݅́5ݕéٕѠMхє) ͡)Qѕɹѡ1݅ɐQ́݅ɐٕ́Ѽѡ)ѕѡЁɅѕхፕ)є5ݕյձѕѡЁ́ѡٕȀ)ɕЁ͍́ЁɕЁхєѽɹ̰ѡ́)ѡQMхє