IN Millcreek Summer 2017 - Page 12

Millcreek Township Building Directory Hours Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Main Switchboard 814.833.1111 Supervisors 814.833.1111 Zoning 814.833.2935 Engineering 814.833.6096 Streets 814.833.4527 Parks & Recreation 814.835.4122 Millcreek Police 814.833.7777 **non-emergency Sewer Authority 814.835.6721 Millcreek Paramedic Service 814.836.8677 Berkheimer Associates 814.833.4870 Millcreek Tax Collector 814.838.8666 Judge Paul Manzi 814.451.6518 Millcreek Township MYAA Schedule Millcreek School District 10 Millcreek Letter from the Supervisors Well we survived another Erie winter. By our standards, it wasn’t much. The warm days in February and March weren’t very conducive for skiing and ice fishing, but golfing mid-winter was a pleasant surprise. Spring brings welcome changes. Flowers and trees begin to bud and things start to “green up”. One big change happening in Millcreek this spring is the new company that will be hauling away your trash and recyclables. The expiration of the contract with Waste Management required another competitive bidding process for a new multi-year contract. Be certain to read about Millcreek’s new hauler, Advanced Disposal, in this edition of In Millcreek. You’ll also find information about the Millfair Recycling Center. Millcreek’s Parks and Recreation Department offers several programs in our community pools. Check out the article about the three pools and all that’s available. There’s been a lot written and said about a PennDOT project underway on Millfair Road and the roundabout planned at its intersection with Rt. 5. In an article in this issue, PennDOT hopes to clear up some misconceptions about the project and give motorists an idea of what to expect in the future. You should also find interest in an article about Millcreek’s Emergency Management’s use of social me ܁1ݽɭ́ɥѥՕ́Ѽɽ٥ɕЁɽɅ͕́́ȁ̸͕)]ԁٔɕЁյȁݗe͕ԁЁȁѠ)ձAɅ) ɥ5ɅѠ)ɽ)5ɝ)I =Hd=U9Q%=8)95L5%11 I,)Q=]9M!%@QI %QdUM)5ɕQݹ݅́͡)Qɕ UMѡɉȁչѥ)ȁ́ѵЁѼѥٔ)ɉɕЁи)5ɕٕQɕ UM)ɕѥ䁵ѥѡɽɅé)ɕեɕ聄ɕɐȁѵа)ɕɔɑՅչ)ɕ䁉ՑЁЁЀȁȁф)ɉȁ䁽͕مɽѥ+qQɕ UMչѥ͕́ѡ)ЁɉɕЁ́չ)Ёtͅ1AɕͥЁѡ)ɉȁչѥqѥ)ɕѥɥ́ɕͥ́ѽѡȁ)ɕѕ͕͔́)չɥ)ݡѡȁӊéѡɽ՝)ٽչѕȁЁ)ՉՍѥt)ɕ)5)()Qɕ́ɽ٥ձѥ́Ѽ)չݡɽɱѕ)хQ䁡ɽٔѡ٥Յ)ɡɕ͔)ɽمՕ̰ɕՍ̰)ɕٔȁх̰ɽ٥ݥ)ха䁽ѡȁ̸)5ɔɵѥѡɽɅ)مЁܹɉɑ乽ɜQɕ UM