In God's Hands: TLH, INC.: October/November Newsletter November 2013

In God’s Hands: T ransitional Living Home, INC. November 2013 Newsletter October/November Issue Volume 1, Issue 1 Giving Back: Our Program’s History November serves as the perfect month to reflect on the kindness of others as wells as oneself in preparation for the forthcoming Thanksgiving festivities. The spirit of this holiday season is the perfect inspiration to reflect on this program’s history and how giving back was and is always at the heart of In God’s Hands: Transitional Living Home, Inc. In 2010, Ye Juanda Sargent, through a series of events, discovered that those who were aging out of the foster care system were in desperate need of stable housing. Unfortunately, she was unable to secure a grant to provide housing however; she didn’t give up on serving those in need. After an initial pilot study, (a computer course that assessed the skill level of its 18-23 year old participants concerning basic computer use) she discovered that within her small sample not only was there was a lack of knowledge concerning computers and computer use but also larger life skills such as accurately completing job applications and being aware of higher education opportunities. Mrs. Sargent took her pilot study as inspiration and founded Ustep2Education, an educational outreach program focusing on bringing skills and support to local youth, but she still wasn’t satisfied because her goal of offering housing still hadn’t been met. By 2012, Mrs. Sargent used her experience from UStep2Education and wrote another grant in hopes that she would finally be able to offer housing. She soon found out her prayers had been answered and her hard work had paid off. In God’s Hands: Transitional Living Home, Inc. was founded in the early months of 2012. With it, Mrs. Sargent is able to provide housing to any (not just those who had aged out of foster care) disadvantaged persons in Arkansas and surrounding areas aged 18 and up. In addition to housing, In Continued on page 2 Special points of interest: ? Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour on Nov. 3 (daylight savings time)! ? Jerry’s birthday is Nov. 18th. Don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday! ? Tina’s baby shower will be Nov. 24th at 1:00 pm. Please bring gifts for a baby boy. ? Thanksgiving is Nov. 28th. The office will be closed but we wish you all a wonderful holiday celebration! Resident Highlight: Meet Chris Martin “If you are ready to get your life set on a positive track and ready to put forth an effort, the staff here has the connections and tools to help you…” Chris Martin came to In God’s Hands in May of this year. He said that he was drawn to the program because of the name, “I am a spiritually minded person, so being “In God’s Hands” appeal(ed) to me”. Chris describes himself as capable, detail-oriented, and with the potential to become successful (and everyone here would definitely agree). Chris is an independent contractor with plans to build or buy his own home within the next five years. Chris says, “IGH has been helpful in directing me and connecting me with people who desire my services” and hopes to build a business with the clientele and reputation that will support 1 him within the community. Overall, Chris is incredibly positive and jovial. He constantly uplifts the spirits of staff and residents. When asked what someone might be surprised to know about him, he replied, “I have lived a crazy life. A lot of my past decisions have had a negative impact on my surroundings. Continued on page 2