In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 72

The Rotary Club of Mosgiel delivers much-needed ShelterBoxes to cyclone-hit Fiji. Rotarians are being encouraged to partner with other organisations to further boost the good we’re doing around the world. One such powerful alliance is Rotary’s global partnership with disaster relief agency ShelterBox, which brings desperately-needed help and hope to some of the world’s most isolated and ravaged corners. District 9980 is very proud to have Rotary Club of Dunedin member and environmental lawyer Jackie St John heading the New Zealand arm of this innovative initiative, an appointment she took up last year. Here, Jackie backgrounds ShelterBox, her three-year role as chair of its New Zealand board and the vital relationship with Rotary. Jackie St John ShelterBox NZ now headed by senior 9980 Rotarian ShelterBox has been an integral part of the Rotary stable since 2012, when the organisations signed a ground-breaking project partnership agreement – which was renewed last year – propelling Rotarians to the very forefront of emergency disaster relief. The joint mission? No family without shelter, says ShelterBox New Zealand chair Jackie St John – whether it’s the cyclone-battered South Pacific or war-torn Syria. Established in 2001, ShelterBox hand-delivers emergency shelter and aid to families devastated by natural disasters and conflict, giving them safe shelter and the tools to rebuild their communities. Since its launch, more than 140,000 ShelterBoxes have been delivered through around 250 deployments to 90-plus countries, bringing relief to over a million people. “We find clever ways to get to where we need to be – our trained ShelterBox Response Team members (SRTs) work with partners, including our amazing Rotarian connections who are often the first point of contact in a country following a disaster,” she says. “This means we’ve been able to provide ShelterBox aid in some of the world’s most remote places, from the DPRK (North Korea) to t [HZX[\[[[B[\[\YX^K'B[ XYH^\[\\XZ][\ܝBYX\ˈ]X[[8&\ݙ\܋Q[\[ [YB]HYKX[HX\Y[[]][ۈXYB[\&\XK\Y[]ۈ܈H\][ۈو\\HوٙXKۈ\[Z[HK[YH]HXۛYY8'B[XXHܚHܙ[\][ۈ\[\\[Z[Y\YY[\[YK\][ZY\[Hܛ8'K[\ XYH^\۝[Y\\X\[][]\]Z\Y[8$X[Y\H][\]X]\[\Z\8$Z[][Y\\ۙ\\[\Z[[K\][ۈ][\ۙ[[YYX][HH^XZ܈\\\'H۸&][Y]H]ۙH^H][ Hܚ\[\[H[\XوXX[Y\[H[HYY\ܙX]\][[]YX[[][]Y\˂'\\\\]\H\ܝ\ؘ[XX$[]8&\\[[[ۈ][[ܙK'x&\HY[YH[[\]Y[HXX[ܙH[H[YY [\\[H[ٛܛHZ\]\[BXHوY\]KZ[Hܛ\H[Z[H\Y]][\'BYH ̈[X\ H\H[]\]X[[ H\XNN ˜\Y\XNN ܙ