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• When a member becomes an honorary member, change their membership status from “active” to “honorary” in ClubRunner; this change will be automatically notified to RI. • When a member resigns from your club, change their membership status on ClubRunner to “terminated”; that automatically notifies RI that they’re no longer an active member. (Don’t delete the record. If the member subsequently rejoins your club, or transfers to another club, we can re-activate the original record so their Rotary history is preserved.) There are easy step-by-step guides in ClubRunner’s Knowledgebase. See for useful guides and video tutorials. Transferring a member between clubs? Is one of your members moving and joining Rotary in their new town, somewhere in New Zealand? ClubRunner makes it easy to transfer members between clubs. Both the original and new club have simple steps to follow, as explained in this step-by-step guide: Be sure to follow all the steps in the guide to make sure the new club gets the member record well set up to add to their website. Looking for a date? ClubRunner’s events calendar lets you record details of upcoming events to automatically display on your website and in your bulletin (if you’re using the e-bulletin). • With one click you can share the event with other clubs, via the district website. You’ll find a handy guide here: • If you have the ClubRunner app, you can check out the details right on your phone or tablet. Click here for further information: • Use Google Calendar? You can have your club events automatically displayed in your own Google calendar. Click here for instructions: Rotary New Year on the horizon If you’re keen to keep your club’s administrative house in order, here are a few tasks to get onto your to-do list as the new Rotary year rapidly approaches: • Get membership records up-to-date by June 30: Rotary International works out your club’s semi-annual dues based on your membership as of June 30, so you want to have your membership details accurate at that date. See the section above about membership records: update your records on ClubRunner, and Rotary International is automatically updated. No need to enter information twice. You’ll find guides for updating member records here: • Enter your club officers for 2017-18 before changeover. You can make a start now entering details of club executives, officers and committees for the coming Rotary year. This won’t affect your current information – the new details will automatically display from June 1 onwards. For step-by-step guides, check out Editing Club Executives: https://goo. gl/2ZgXPY and Setting Up/Editing Committees: Help is at hand If you’d like help with the topics covered in this edition of Tech Talk, or anything else “techie”, please feel free to contact me. John Barton District 9980 ICT Chair | (03) 686 2848 | (027) 222 7866 Page 71