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rainbow on the wall in front of me -Ho Such has been the overwhelming support Hospital soon to begin consultation on if, and around her CuddleCots initiative, Emmerson, how, creating such a suite can be achieved. Ben and their NRG family already have another project in the initial planning stages: fundraising “It may be we can fundraise to modify a room that would be used for normal birthing for a dedicated area in the maternity centre, similar to the Pohutukawa The sun was coming through the Room where Adisyn was window, and there was a beautiful delivered. Emmerson says – I remember it vividly.” it’s dif ficult to explain just how Emmerson Morgan, important the Dunedin NRG surroundings are when faced with delivering your baby, who you situations, but is set aside as a sacred space for already know has died. times when parents have lost their baby. “We weren’t able to have a CuddleCot, but we “The beautiful thing about creating a room, did have the use of the most beautiful room, so like there was for us in Wellington, is that I can really relate to that. information and access to all the support “It does make you feel loved and supported families need can be based there, and, – being in a sacred room where you can have hopefully, that will make it easier for them to your baby, and you’re not going to be disturbed reach out and connect.” by the outside world, is really important. “I remember sitting there, on the day I went in to be induced, in the armchair by the window. And, after Adisyn was born, I can remember sitting there with her. The sun was coming through the window, and there was a beautiful rainbow on the wall in front of me – I remember it vividly.” The environment is so significant, she says, because it provides the visual backdrop to precious memories that will be all that’s left for parents’ lifetimes. “I think that’s why I feel so inspired to create a sacred space. “It’s a traumatic experience, but it is also beautiful. You get to meet your baby for the first time. There are very beautiful things you can take from such a traumatic experience.” The self-contained special rooms, which include a kitchenette and bathroom, are typically situated in the maternity ward, but set slightly apart to offer peace and privacy. While it’s still very much in the initial planning stages, Emmerson hopes to approach Dunedin And, Emmerson says, her passion for supporting families going through baby loss is unlikely to end. “I now feel like I will be doing something my whole life that is related to Adisyn and our experience – it may not be huge, but, in some way, I think I will always need to do something. “It’s just something inside of me, and I have no other way of explaining it, other than it’s another form of parenting Adisyn, and it helps others. And, for me, it keeps her alive, in a way.” Page 65