In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 63

“If they have that beautiful experience with their baby, creating memories, you would hope they can move forward on a slightly better path than if they didn’t have that. CuddleCots, which use a revolutionary cooling system that fits under a Moses basket or bassinet and allows a bereaved family up to nine days with their baby, “It’s so important for the dads, too; because, as the mum who carries the baby, you already have a strong sense of that physical bonding; you feel the baby moving inside of you, and you have your body changing. “I hope, too, that the CuddleCots show parents someone does know and understand their feelings, and that their presence tells them they are not alone.” Emmerson and Ben’s daughter was diagnosed during pregnancy with the chromosomal condition Turner Syndrome; hydrops, an abnormal build-up of fluid in her body, and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, in which the left side of the heart is significantly under- developed. Six months into the pregnancy, Adisyn slipped awa