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In Adisyn’s name I ... donations from the heart n the last edition of In Gear, we brought you the courageous story of Dunedin Next Generation Rotary’s Emmerson Morgan and her poignant journey to celebrate and memorialise her ‘angel baby’, Adisyn-Hope. With support from her NRG family, Emmerson and fiancé Ben Davidson have embarked on countless acts of love, kindness and giving in Adisyn’s name, including raising $18,000 for three ‘CuddleCots’, a new innovation that gives bereaved parents precious extra time with their baby. When Emmerson spoke to In Gear late last year, she had but one Christmas wish: to gift the CuddleCots to Dunedin’s Queen Mary Maternity Centre by December 25. path to realise their dream of giving newly-bereaved parents more treasured time with their baby. The flow-on effects for NRG, Emmerson believes, have gone far further than the deep sense of purpose members felt contributing to the CuddleCots project. “I think, like me, they felt proud to be part of it, but it’s also inspired them to take on other projects. “It’s definitely injected more energy and motivation, because you need to see a project finished and think: ‘Ah, this is why we do this’. “It was a reminder for all of us why it’s so important for us to get out there, pay it forward, and get involved in things that are bigger than ourselves. “It’s a reminder, too, of what With 10 days to we can achieve spare, her wish when we come was granted. together, and On December we support each 14, family, other. I didn’t do friends and her this on my own. Dunedin NRG’s Emmerson Morgan, with fiancé Ben Davidson, during fellow Rotarians It was born from a heartfelt presentation in honour or their daughter. joined medical my experience, staff at Dunedin Hospital’s maternity wing for an and I was lucky enough to meet people along the emotional presentation, the culmination of 18 way who were prepared to join Ben and me and months’ fundraising and planning. make this happen.” “It was huge for me,” Emmerson says. “Actually doing that, and finishing it. It was quite amazing to see it all come together. “And how it was received at the hospital, that was very humbling. Walking down the corridors, and having the staff hug me and say: ‘Thank you so much; you don’t know what this will do for families and for us’.” The CuddleCots arrived just in time for families who, tragically, lost their newborns in the New Year, but gave the grieving parents the choice to have their babies with them for longer to say goodbye. Emmerson believes CuddleCots offer a significant therapeutic benefit, greater than many might realise. “That was really beautiful, just gorgeous.” “To be able to do all those things with your baby – cuddle them, bath them … I don’t think people understand how that helps you, helps the grief process and allows people to move forward psychologically and emotionally. At Emmerson and Ben’s side during the ceremony were Emmerson’s fellow NRG members, Rotarians who have supported them on their often painful “When your baby dies, it’s like a fork in the road at that point, and I think parents can go one of two ways, depending on the experience they have. The maternity team made a special presentation of its own, presenting Emmerson a Christmas decoration of a mother holding a baby. Page 62 | In Gear - Rotary in southern New Zealand - District 9980 |