In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 56

with more general suggestions, which are being taken back to the board for consideration. “The youth perspective has made a huge, and positive, difference,” David says. “Their input is all research and evidence-based. The Rescue Mission has access to some of us, as a resource, to help with implementing the recommendations. We’re offering our time, our skill, our expertise to help them get things to a level where they can attract further support and funding going forward.” No stone unturned Georgia says all of the Rotarians were focused on finding out as much as they could during their stay. “We just wanted to know the ins and outs of the whole organisation. And, probably, they don’t no X[H]]][و]Y\[ۚ[HH[Y\X[K'Z[H\K[]]Y8&\[[Y[ B\HX[H[]Hۙ]\HX[]HوZ\\]Kx&\H[]H[\H\[H[\H\X\ 'B\]HHۙ\[\ܚH\X[›XYH\H^H[[YH܈^H[X[\[]H[[\[Y[\[[XXHXX[X]H[Y[˂'H[XYHY[^H\H[Y\[ݙ\^]Y 8'H[ܙXH^\˂'^H[\[\[ܙ[\Y [Y\[XY\Z\YH\[ [[][ܛ\H[][H]\H[Y[YH^K˸'BH[[\KH\HYYو[ܙXx&\\ [Y\X]\\YH]X[]H[YKو[X[ۋ[HXY\YYB[[Y8$[]\ۛHX]\HوH[وH[[X[HHY\H]H\HXHšY[YH]ܝ[]Y\[H[H][\H\[\˸'B]Y H\X[Y[Y[[X[[Y]BXX[\ \ܚ[]H[H[\[Y[B[\ݙ[Y[˂'X[K]8&\]H܈H][x&]HH؂[[[Hݙ\][Z\[X[ۂXKX]\HY^H[[ܙX\HZ\\X]H]H[K[^H[]X[ܙH\ܝB\K܈[H\XHܙ[\][ۋ[^H[™܈[H\\وZY܈ݙ\Y[[[^HYY]H\[\HYܙYK'B\[\XZ[X[Y[][ۜۈX[[]X]]\HX[H[YH[x&\X[Y[Y['[ [HYHX\\وH[[8)\YZ[HX][H[X^[[[\HY[X\[\Hݚ[[[XY[H[H[BYX[]X][ۋ\H^H]Hܝ[]Kœ\ܝ8)'^H]HZ\YH[Y\\Y ^H[YX][ۋ^H[[Z[H[Hݚ[YKB\Xˈ[H[][[HۈX\H] [XZ\[HX[\H]8&\[\ܝ[ '\\H]]X[[\H[ۙH[™8$H\[]HY^\˂'܈YKZ[]H[[\HX[Y[ [YZ[HH\H[\[][[H\\ܝ X]\H^x&\H\XX[ [ Z[˜XHXZH[YH[XYH\H[[]œ[]H]ۛX[ۋ\\[X^[˂'HYY[HوYY][[[X]\][[[HYY]H[H\H]HX\و] ]8&\›X[HX[ YH M[X\ H\H[]\]X[[ H\XNN ˜\Y\XNN ܙ