In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 54

Touching down in Thailand After 17 hours’ non-stop travel, and factoring in a six-hour time difference, 13 Rotarians (10 Rotaractors, two from Next Rotary Generation and David), as well as one of David’s work colleagues who has sponsored Akha children at the centre for the past seven years, touched down in Thailand in November. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, David recalls, just a day into their stay at the centre, as Asa shared her story and the plight of her people. “Because it is just so deep, so personal; and, it’s talking about children, our precious generation,” Georgia adds. With so little money, much of the centre’s survival rests on sustainable micro- enterprise projects, such as produce It marked the culmination of months of Georgia Kerby that can be grown onsite. The Rescue fundraising, scoping and planning. Mission’s manager, an Australian, is an First stop: The Rescue Mission for Children in Mae Suai. experienced horticulturalist. What he needed, though, were many hands on deck to redevelop the land and For Rotaractor Georgia Kerby, who’s just graduated maximise its productivity. from Otago University with a Bachelor of Anthropology, focusing on archaeology, it was the start of a trip she And, that’s where Rotary’s Project Starfish team came realised early-on ݽձɕٕȁѡ͔)ѥѡչ́ݕȁѼ)ȁ)ٔ܁́Ёɍɐ)Յلɕ̰ݡݕɔѕ)ѡIх Ո ɥэɍ)Mչɥ͔+qЁѡɔ)х䁽ѡI͍Ք)5ͥȁ ɕ́ѼЁѡ)ɍɐѡɔͽѕٔ)ɕЁɽՍѼٕ役)ЁѡɔЁѡЁͼ)ͽɍ́ݕ)Ʌȁѡɕt٥)̸ͅ)QЁхՑ)ɽ́ѕѡ)Ʌݽɬȁݡ݅́)եЁݡ٥ͥѕٔ啅)+q%ЁЁ́饹ܰ)ѡ́ɔٽٕа)ѡeɔͼɹ܁̰ͭ)͔ѡ́́ɕЁѥ)ѡݡЁѡݽձɵ䁉)ٽٕѡȁ٥̸+qQeɔѥ܁Ѽ͕)хѡeɔ)-ѤMݥѠͽѱ́ɽѡI͍Ք5ͥȁ ɕ)ѡɔѼեѡЁ͕)䁕ፕ́ɽՍѼɭ̸%ѡѕɴ+q%ЁЁɕ丁%ӊéЁͼѼѼ)ѡ́Ѽٔɽͥ今t)9܁i׊eɔȁݸѱݽɱ)ɝ݅́ݔѡɗéɕͽ)ȁЁЁѡݕ̃Lӊé)չ͕ٕ́ݡɽѡȁͱٕ́Ѽݽɬ)ɥ͕tɝ̸ͅ)ͥѡȁIх䁝Օ̸+qeԁ͕ՙѡ́胊a=ѡӊéՍ+qQɕɕѡݡȁ̸Q䁡ѡ)͡d쁅ѡԁaݥэdɅ)́՜Ёѡх́)єȁͽѡ)ѥ́ݔt̸͡ͅ+q Ѽɕ͔ѡЁԁͽѡ+qQݕɔɕ䁍ɥ́ȁѼٽٕ)Ёȁٕ呅䁱́ͽѡѡЁ'eٔ'e)Ѽѡлt)ѡ́፥ѥɽлt)AЁ%ȀIх䁥ͽѡɸ9܁iɥЀܹɽх呥ɥ