In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 52

ROTARACTORS RETURN FROM WORLD FIRST “Our district should be very, very proud ...” It’s thought to be the most comprehensive, hands- on international humanitarian aid project ever undertaken by Rotaractors anywhere in the world. Sure, the scorpions came as a bit of a shock. The spiders were, alarmingly, hand-sized ... and then some. But, in the sticky tropical heat and hard up against a deadline, the young Kiwi Rotaractors quickly adapted and acclimatised, deftly transplanting hundreds of banana palms to make way for a much- needed guava plantation. Eleven short days on, they segued into talks with high-ranking United Nations officials on combatting the epidemic that is child sex slavery. Not long before, they’d taken on a half marathon/10km walk- run international fundraiser. Later, they shed tears as a rescued child prostitute entrusted them with deeply intimate details of an excruciating life journey so out of step with their own. Project Starfish – the vehicle established by southern Rotarian David X\ܝHY[[YX[[^]\H8$[Y[[YY\Xܜ[Y[Y[X\[ۙBۋT\X[[Y\[H][Z]ۙ۝[^H\[]X[] QX\\XHZ\[ۋ܈\XNN 8&\[[\\X[H\^B\YKX[[˂܈ ^YX\[[Y[\X܈[ܙXH\K[\X[\]\ݙYYKYY[[ˈ[[[ۙH\ۙ][ۜ[\[\]]\B]KYܘYX]Y[\[\Yx&\[[œXX]\YܙH\\\KڙX\\XY\[ۙ][YH[Y[[[\X[]YXZ\Y\š[\YX[Hو[[”\H\\H8&[[[Y\[ۈ^\Y[x&KHY&]\\[ XYKH L^YX\[XZ]ٛ[\X܈H LH\ X[ BZ[\X[HZ^وY[[[[ٙ\[ۘ[X\[YY[HZ[[[[XXH]H\YX\HYHYXۈXB^H]Y]Y\XHܘ\K]YKX\Y[[[ۘ[\Z[X]\[H]\[H]KZ[\[H] ]ܙ[[ݙ\YH[[KX[ۋ\XYYZ˂'܈\\]\YH[YH[\X[ܚ[[[\ۛY[^B\[&]\YˈHX] H[Z]]BHܜ[ۜHY\[ۘZ\8$[XYH]H\ٝ[[YK8'B]YX[˂'[Z[\K[YHۈ[[[XX[][ \Z[Z\XY[ZXZ[]^H][X\ []BY[X[H\[܈[K\[ [ݙ\^Hۈ[و] H[[[ۘ[[Y[Y[8)[^HY]][ 'H[]8&\XYHHY[\Xۂ]\[ۙK]\[ۙH\HYY[[\X܈]X\HYX\܈]B[^H]HX[HY[H\و\KH[\X]\ۈ\ۂ]\[H^H][X\[HB[Y[HY\Y\˂'\\X[H\K\HYق]^HXY]Y