In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 5

Right from the top When Rotary International president John Germ read the bumper summer edition, he sent us a message, saying: “This looks really good”, before sharing it around senior leadership at headquarters. “Great ... publication ” well done!! Rotary International chief executive officer John Hewko’s response? “Congratulations on a great PR program”. Since launching the first In Gear last August, we’ve been swamped with amazing feedback, not just via Rotary International, but from throughout New Zealand, and internationally – from Scotland to Australia. District 9980 “have produced a real winner. An eighty – yes eighty – page publication full of interesting events, history and stories about Rotary”. so many more wonderful, high-impact, oh- so-authentic, stories to share. I’m also well aware our very Kiwi reaction to our own efforts is so often along the lines ... we really don’t do that much. But, by focusing on the news values – often the impact, and the outcomes – the light shines quite differently on each story. So, please continue to bring your stories out into the open and let us, and others, be inspired by your efforts and celebrate with you. To all of those who are getting ready to head to Wanaka on May 12 for 9980’s annual conference – Our World. A Better Place – we have the welcome mat at the ready, and can’t wait to see you all here. We’re looking at a great turnout – and, with the line-up of This looks really good.” inspirational speakers, fantastic John Germ cuisine, wonderful activities on Rotary International president offer, and, of course, the gala Winter Wonderland-themed dinner, we know it’s going to be an event for us all to remember. We’re in the final days “Just a quick note to congratulate you on an amazing of registration – and there’s quite a last-minute flurry, magazine! I loved every page of it!” so be in quick! “What a fantastic mag. Full of information and ‘bright and go-getter’ style. Well done to the whole team.” “I just looked at your first news magazi ݅)镐Mٕɽͥ́Ёٕ䁕)Ѽ͡ɔݥѠݡɕեѥѼIх丁])Ѽݡٕȁٕѡ́ɵЄt+q]Ёձ́лtqݕͽtqI䁕啐Їt+qɕЁՉѥݕtq]ЁɕЁɕt+q$݅́չєѼٔɕٕ䁽)եєɕɭɥЁ饹L%ȃLٕ)ɕͥٔՉѥ$ݽձٕݕ)ɕٕݥѡȁɥи$$Ё́)́́ѡ́́ɽѡЁIхՉѥ)'e͕ٔɽՍݡɔ Ʌձѥ́$)݅ɐѼȁܵ$ٔɕ͡ɕ)ѡ́ݥѠͽAՉ%ѕѡ䁅ɔ)ٕݡ́$t)Mѽѕ)]Ё$ͼѕԁ́ѡЁѡѽɥ́Ё)5хѡ͔)ѽɥ́ɔͽєݡ)́Ѽ͡ɥɽݥ)Iх丁́ͽ́ݔЁ)ѥѼѡѽɥ)ѕЁЁȁѡЁՔ)х́ɽѥѕ䁙ɽ)ѡ͍ͥ́ݔٔѡ)́ͅݔɕٔ)%ȁѽ䁡ͻeЁѽ)ѡ͔́а͔eЁ)͡䁅Ёչȁ͡$)܁ѡЁٕ䁍Ո)љЁѡ̰ѼѡIхɥ)ɕѡ̸͔$ɕٕ䁱Ёɔ)ݔq͠ՉͣtٕȁѼѼѡ)ݥѡЁЁյ)ѡɽи%ȁ́ͽѡɸ+q$$)Iхɥϊdѥٔٽ)Ё)䁙)ѡ)́)ѡ́́ɽ)ݕəհɕ́))ݡЁɥ٥)ѡЁI)х)ȁЁ́ѼՍ)Չѥ)'eٔ)չՔٽѕɽ)͕ɽ)))ݡɔt)%׊eɔ䁑Չ)ݡ))ɕ)ɥѥIхɥ)ٕ䁑䰁ͼ̰݅)ɕɕɕѼɕ