In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 49

MY WORD with Ryan Luckman Rotary Club of Waimate Our club is fresh off the successful launch of The Quantum Advantage Whitehorse Big Easy. there used to be a team event called the “Whitehorse Challenge”, combining running and biking. The event started as a germ of an idea 12 months ago, after the Waimate Rotary Club sponsored a new 7km mountain bike track running up to the famous “White Horse” on the hill behind our town. As part of Rotary’s funding, the directors negotiated the right to hold a joint fundraiser at some point in the future … I won’t bore anyone with the rest of the process, but there are definitely a few things we did (often by sheer dumb luck) that I plan to carry on with for future Rotary projects I’m involved with. Firstly, we ended up with five non-Rotarians on our organising committee. These people volunteered to come on board at different stages throughout the planning process. They brought a skill set that filled any deficiencies within our Rotary team, but, even more importantly, because they believed in the event and had volunteered to help, they injected an incredible amount of energy and motivation around the table. Ryan Luckman So, we began with a sparse brief – we had a new mountain bike track that we wanted to launch and get on the map, plus a goal to raise some funds. I’d love to say that the blueprint was clear from the beginning, but, in reality, this was outside the scope of anything our club had tried before. I was chair of the committee … and didn’t even own a mountain bike! Our first step was to find out what other organisations were doing. We found people amazingly helpful and willing to share, both from within Rotary, as well as from outside organisations. While really useful, this new-found knowledge also showed us that we were considering holding an event fraught with challenges. These types of events required huge volunteer numbers, weren’t necessarily massive money spinners, brought significant health and safety burdens, and there were a LOT of events already. People we talked to stressed that this last point meant, if we wanted to hold a successful event, we would need a clear point of difference. It was looking to be filed in the ‘too hard basket’ … but, then, I attended a Rotary public relations training day, sponsored by District 9980. The course material itself was great and well worth the trip. However, wh Bv0WfV&RfV&RF2Fv2FRWGv&r&WBF2FRFRF7G&7N( 2f'7BvV"vPB6RWBRbFRfVGW&R'F6W2v2&W@76RgVG&6W"FBf66VǒF7G&7BV&Ɩ0vR6"BRbFRG&rF( 2f6ƗFF'2B&VVffVBvFvW&R&FW'2vW&R&WV&VBF&6RCFVFW"gFW"vBVBbFRw&Ɩpf6v2&WGG7W&RFBfrFVF6FVB6&G6V7F6VB&RW"BbFffW&V6R6RvRBFBFVv6vRfVBvVB6WBW WfVB'BBvWBBfW"FRƖRWfW'FrfV6R&VBBf7BvRVFVBWWFrF@'V2vVgFW"6VRVFVBFBV'2vFW6R6VGf7W6VBVvW.( bVR&RW7FǐFRW2vR&R&Vr6VBFF&vWBf"V&W'6दr6֗GFVR7G'V7GW&R&F'&V7BvVgVǒ&RFRf'7B7FWF2&6W72f"`FVWfVbBFW2fWrV'2b6f6r2vRFFRgWGW&RbFW&FfRV&W'6F2FN( 2B&BvFWBfVVW'2WB@vWBVRffVBvFWBFVfV&rFW( fRF( 6֗N( गBv2rF&RfVBFR( F&B&6WN( 'WBFVGFVFVB&F'V&Ɩ2&VF2G&rF76&VB'F7G&7B( Х'V6&F'6V"bvFPW"6V6B&Bb6W&VFFW2V6ffVBW vV'6FRRbFR'VW2vR7&VFVB26֗GFVPfW'V&ǒv2FW6RFRWfVBFVw&pFRvFRV6ג6vR6֗76VBFP( 6V6vV'6FRFW6vW"FRW"wwrvFV'6V&vV766FRBGW&VBWBFB6Pv2BǒFW6vW"'WB6B&WFpFVw&VRB67FW"vW6VBF'Vf6V&WpVBvV6RfVFVW&VBFW"6֗GFVPB'VFR&WFrvR6C( W2V6R(