In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 47

... as the weekend progressed, we saw the teens develop increased confidence, self-image and motivation, greater pride in their achievements and better life skills. ” Lynette Wilson, Rotary Club of Timaru “They also gained a real appreciation of the benefits of working together to achieve a common purpose, and a good understanding of setting and achieving goals.” Lynette, who has a strong history in Rotary championing the district’s young people, including through Rotary Youth Exchanges (RYE), the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Programme and as a former club Youth Committee director, is urging all clubs to consider launching their own Rotary Youth Enrichment Programme – especially if they can arrange “youth tutors” by partnering with organisations offering outdoor education- type courses. funding provided by our Rotary members, and to make sure they have access to the opportunities and tools they might otherwise not have been able to benefit from. “This programme is particularly special to all of the Rotary team that’s involved, and it’s a privilege to watch a group of young people grow and benefit so much through a mix of team-building sessions and adventure-based learning. “RYPEN gives these teens a confidence boost and provides skills to show them they really are able to lead and step up into leadership roles in their schools, sports clubs and wider community. “The young tutors from Ara benefit, too, and play such a key role to the programme’s success – our ‘youth leading youth’ model works very well,” Lynette says. Ara student and camp tutor Andrew Graham says RYPEN provided his team a fantastic opportunity to apply their instructor skills. “I know everyone involved gained plenty of “I’m passionate, as is programme co-ordinator Andrew Graham beneficial experience. Don George (of the Rotary Club of Timaru North), who was also instrumental in establishing an “We thank the Rotary Club for giving us the chance to Interact Club at Timaru Girls’ High School, and has been engage with the youth programme, and we hope the involved in RYPEN since 2012,” she says. students all learned some valuable lessons and had a fun time, too. We look forward to working with them “For us, it’s about enabling our young people to fulfil their dreams through the initiatives, networking and again.” opped “She hasn’t st he talking since s of got home! Full d enthusiasm an ut the positivity abo has weekend, she e.” had a super tim … “Yes, yes, yes use I loved it beca u get to meet d new people an w experience ne things.” ch “Thanks so mu g for an amazin u experience. Yo guys all did so it well organising o and I learnt s much!!!” Instructors and students in action at RYPEN.