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tastebuds of thousands upon thousands at three or four major events annually, as well as weddings. just what we can do as a team. “To do events of this size, though, there is a lot of planning. Here in Wanaka, we have a small, highly- skilled team that works through each event and creates a carefully laid-out plan. And, we’re big on constant improvement – after each catering job we debrief, and that helps make it run smoother the next time. “For us, there is no down side because we work on a cost- of-food, plus cost-of-hire and a donation to Rotary basis,” Clayton says. The club tends to make about $10,000 out of events, and around $4000 from weddings. “We create a benefit to the groups that we work for, “We only get there by careful because we’re considered planning … each member Clayton Hope a ‘taxable donation for knows exactly what their job services’, and everyone gets the ‘feel-good factor’ is and has an outline of how to do it. There are a few aligning with Rotary, knowing that the money’s going times we all have to find second gear. back into helping our community. “What’s really important is that we always have a lot “The funds we raise through our catering arm all go of fun – in fact, there aren’t many at our club who towards great projects. Last year was ‘Lab in a Box’ and don’t put their hand up to chip in, because it’s a great chemistry sets for local schools. In the past, we’ve also experience all round, and members get to learn a few donated interactive white boards. new tricks. And, who doesn’t enjoy cooking, or eating?” “The relationships we build through this are so strong, our catering clients often join us on other projects, as well.” What’s really important is that we always have a lot of fun ...” Catering is an area, he says, he’d like to see more clubs explore – but only if they have the industry knowledge, skill sets, time and commitment within their membership to scope and deliver quality food on such a large scale. “It’s not just a profitable fundraiser, catering gets Rotary in front of corporates and out in the public eye at major events in a positive and creative light, showing Clayton Hope, Rotary Club of Wanaka Two of the Wanaka club’s signature catering events remain Challenge Wanaka and the Wanaka A & P Show, during which the Rotarians cater for two corporate lunches, cooking for 2000 in total over the weekend. “To give you an idea of the work involved, for the Challenge breakfast we go through 2700 eggs, 110kg of bacon, 100 kg of breakfast sausages, 50kg of baked beans and 2000 croissants,” Clayton says. “For just one of the sites alone at the A & P show, we cook up 150kg of beef striploin, 1200 beef patties and over 60kg of venison.” At the A & P show, diners queue at the tent from the moment Clayton and his team open until closing time. At the height of the busy period, they line up for 30 minutes, such is the Rotarians’ reputation for putting on a feast. The Rotary Club of Wanaka’s Celia Waser collects a bain-marie, while Jarrod Frazer and Rosie Burridge share a quick laugh. “The greatest compliment we get from the major events we cater for is that we’re asked back to do it all over again year after year.” Page 40 | In Gear - Rotary in southern New Zealand - District 9980 |