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HEADS UP “What a great read!” WITH JANICE HUGHES DISTRICT GOVERNOR It’s a little paradoxical. Just as my time as 9980’s district governor starts to seriously count down, the tempo is well and truly winding up even further. We’re full steam ahead putting the finishing touches on our annual conference, organised and hosted by the talented and dedicated dynamos at my club, Wanaka. Can’t wait! And, in one of the most exciting developments this year, the Dunedin Next Rotary Generation (NRG) team has just officially chartered. What a milestone. As I write this, we’ve just had an absolute blast at their awesome Mexican-themed fiesta. New president Susanah Walker is just amazing – smart, innovative and passionate; and her team is, similarly, intelligent, caring, and focused. lengths to share the Rotary experience, role modelling what ‘Service Above Self’ means. This edition is fair brimming with accounts of phenomenal 9980ers who are leading the way, and taking our teens and young adults along with them. Our stories When you read these accounts, just keep in mind, all of these stories are from one, single, solitary – and relatively small – Rotary district. Ours. Making sure your stories are shared and celebrated has been at the very top of my to- do list this year. It has been the non-negotiable, because I have heard, for so many years, that we do such good things, but no one outside those involved really knows about them. It is so very important to me that your stories are not only told, but told well, so that they honour the extreme lengths to which so many of you go to serve Rotary’s goals and ideals. One member who couldn’t make it was one of NRG’s Susanah Walker and Janice Hughes newest recruits, Robbie Francis. Read on, and you’ll find out the incredible Our experiences, and the stories that carry them, are reason why she wasn’t able to join the party. Just one what keep us engaged … well told, they are also what of Robbie’s many accomplishments is setting up The pique the interests of others, the very people we want Lucy Foundation, a social enterprise, which partners to join us, be it as with Mexican coffee farmers. The celebration for NRG’s Rotarians or project official launch doubled as a fundraiser for this wonderful partners. cause – hence, the Mexican theme for the night … and “I just looked I knew we were our spicy In Gear cover. at your stepping a wee bit first news outside the box with Congratulations on magazine and In Gear. But, I have to was amazed.” admit, I’ve been quite a great PR program.” blown away by the John Hewko reaction to our new Rotary International CEO district magazine, the stories from which have Well done to Susanah, all the Next Rotary Generation also been shared via Facebook, as well as on district team, and to the Rotarians who have nurtured NRG and club websites. Your projects, your contributions from its earliest days, especially the magical past-district and your perspectives have resonated, not just locally, governor, Rotary Club of Dunedin’s Jonathan Usher, and and even nationally, but around the world. We have Dunedin Central club president Derek King. had amazing feedback from all corners, and I wanted to share that success – which belongs squarely with all of I also want to make a special mention of the many other you who have taken the time to share your experiences Rotarians through our district who dedicate countless hours to our young people, and go to extraordinary so generously with In Gear. Page 4 | In Gear - Rotary in southern New Zealand - District 9980 |