In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 38

Now, just five years after joining Wanaka, she’s steering the club – and it’s hard to imagine a more hectic presidency, with a serving district governor, Janice Hughes, in the midst, and the intensive, complex work needed to stage and host the annual district conference. The 68-strong club’s also busy actively recruiting new members – two are currently in the wings – finding innovative ways to involve youth, cooking up, and fundraising, a storm through its catering work, and even launching a child-minding initiative to ensure Rotarians with youngsters get a break. “We also certainly make a point of encouraging families to come along to activities, such as the recent clean-up of Tititea Lodge, and we really enjoyed having teenagers working the till at our annual Rotary book sale and the Challenge Wanaka catering event.” Historically, though, Wanaka has had its times of struggle, and it took a major push to rejuvenate and breathe the life – and future – back into the club, which was originally chartered by the Rotary Club of Balclutha in 1984. The key? More fun, less rigidity. “Changing the mindsets from serious meetings to ‘let’s have fun’ encouraged different approaches, including making changes to attendance requirements, having a vibrant social ca VF"F@fƷ26VvvR"Bfr7G&rf7W2খFW&W7FrB&VWfB7VW'2B'F6FpgVG&6W'2FB&R7GVǒgVF&R'Bb( Ф&v&WB62vR3vV"&F'6WFW&WrVBF7G&7Bwwr&F'F7G&7C&p