In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 37

THE SPOTLIGHT For this edition of In Gear, president Margaret West shares a little bit about her own experience and observations of what makes the Rotary Club of Wanaka tick. One of our most successful recent initiatives has been carving out a reputation on the catering front – Clayton, a chef, explains our club’s journey for those who might want to follow suit. Anyone who’s been involved in helping organise a district conference knows just what a massive amount of work and dedication is involved. I’m incredibly humbled by, and so grateful for, the tireless efforts of my talented and tenacious conference committee, led by the indomitable Deb Budden. This really is one Rotary gathering that you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t registered yet, Deb’s update on what’s in store will likely have you clicking the link. Well, Rotary Club of Wanaka – from the bottom of my heart, your support has meant the world to me, and, I know, each and every member does our club proud when it comes to doing their part to live by our conference’s theme: Our World. A Better Place. Janice Hughes, DISTRICT GOVERNOR All dressed up, and ... W hen Margaret West rocked up to her first meeting at the Rotary Club of Wanaka in the summer of 2012, she was a little perturbed. She’d carefully checked the location and the time online … yet, there were no cars, and not a soul to be seen. She’d been stood up. Well, kind of. Of all the club meetings to turn up to, Margaret, who was new to town from Wellington, had arrived on the annual golf night. “So, I made my way back the following week, received a very friendly welcome, and I quickly joined in on everything going,” Margaret recalls. Arriving in Wanaka, she brought with her a 20-year association with Rotary. She’d joined the Rotary Club of Dunedin South in 1993, looking to extend her networks and engage with people outside her work environment. When she later began commuting to the capital, Margaret became a member of Wellington’s Port Nicholson Club. Margaret West Page 37