In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 27

Headline here The scoping’s been fine-tuned … the surveying’s done … the building consent’s signed off – and now construction work’s just getting underway on one of the most ambitious Rotary fundraising projects on the go in District 9980. Building a Rotary Dream is the brainchild of Rotary Club of Invercargill North member Richard Boyde-Manson, and brings together Invercargill’s six Rotary clubs. They’ve combined forces and resources to build and sell two homes in a bid to, ultimately, raise a six-figure profit for the Breathing Space Trust, which helps Invercargill’s homeless. The clubs have had architectural plans drawn up for the houses, one of which is now officially underway, and is expected to be completed in time for a spring auction. The project is being supported by developer and builder Callum Rutledge, but the clubs are still on the look-out for more donated goods and services, including specialist labour. Check out the project’s website, www.rotarydream. nz, for progress, if you’re keen to lend a hand or make a donation. President takes on directorship District 9980 is very proud to announce Rotary Club of Cromwell president and former international financier Bonnie Miller Perry has been appointed a director on Rotary New Zealand World Community Service’s board. Now retired and living in Central Otago growing nuts and olives on the shores of Lake Dunstan with wife Susie, Bonnie spent most of her career overseas working for leading financial institutions. Bonnie Miller Perry While she completed a Master of Architecture at Auckland University, following that up with a PhD from Manchester University, in the United Kingdom, she took a job in finance in 1974 – it was, she says, the only job going at a time the world was experiencing its first oil crisis. Bonnie went on to work at Citibank, Irving Trust, an Indonesian private bank, and Price Waterhouse’s Jakarta and Bangkok offices, after which she spent a decade based in Washington DC as principal in the World Bank’s financial markets division. With a long-standing passion for community services projects, Bonnie says she is particularly passionate about humanitarian efforts in the South Pacific. RNZWCS’ core roles involve disaster relief support, including providing specialised Emergency Relief Kits, and international development, which sees the organisation work with, and provide a wealth of support for, disadvantaged communities to create sustainable improvement and greater self-sufficiency. Page 27