In Gear | Rotary in Southern New Zealand In Gear - Issue 3 - Page 25

partner Jill Shayler, was among the 525 incoming leaders who participated. “A wide variety of important subjects was covered, including youth programmes, grant applications, membership trends, insurance, how to motivate your district, the six areas of focus and the Council on Legislation,” Stuart says. The assembly, which was held in January, also provided a unique opportunity for the incoming leaders to have direct input into the development of Rotary’s future, with participants providing feedback straight to Rotary International management via the new assembly app. Running parallel to the district governors-elect programme was a full itinerary for partners. While attending is not mandatory for partners, most do, Adrienne says. “Ian’s partner, Juliet, who’s a past-district governor herself, was insistent that the programme be meaningful and stimulating for all partners, no matter their level of involvement.” with Stuart and Adrienne Heal For those who’ve never been to district governor-elect training – what’s its objective, and what does it involve? The president-elect announces the theme and goals for the year. It is a training environment to ensure our governors are familiar with Rotary 101, and more. How valuable is this training? In our view, it illustrates the internationality of Rotary, and shows the incoming leaders they are part of a huge international organisation and helps them see past their own specific local issues. It also allows them to network and grow the Rotary connections around the world. They leave with the most current knowledge of our programmes and plans. Partners put together literacy packs. Adrienne worked closely with Rotary International learning event specialist Lee Ann S