IN Bethel Park Spring 2018 - Page 38

M ixed materials, textures and technology are just a few of the major home trends in 2018. Homeowners are foregoing selling and updating their current homes with fresh ideas and innovative technologies. Thinking of upgrading a room or two? Check out 2018’s trends in home features and furnishings. SMART HOME Ciotti Construction From Installation to Professional Maintenance. • Concrete Driveways & • Concrete & Asphalt Sidewalks Sealing with Professional • Patios & Retaining Walls Cleaning • Garage & Basement • Free Estimates Flooring Second Generation, Family Owned Business with over 45 Years of Experience. Ofc: 412-650-8463 Mobile 724-640-7120 36 724.942.0940 TO ADVERTISE ❘ The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to a growing network of devices that allows objects to connect and exchange data. These devices are in ܙX\[]H\YXHY]X[H[\Y\˂X\X\[ۜ[Y\XZ\\[Y\B\^YHۈZ\]\[ۛXY\\H\]Z\Y][\]X\[[ܛX][ۈX[YX\\܋\œY[ۈHY]و]؝\ ]H[\[\ˈHX\YH\ۙHوH[[\[X\XHX\]܈[\X][ۋ(H]\][\ۛXY\[[YHX][[[[\YK\[ۈHY]H[\H[X[ [[\۝܈Hܚ][X[YHY[B]HZ[[HYY\]܈HHܛ\HܙK\H\B[X]\\]XZH\HX\YKH\۝[Y\™ܛ]^\X[[ۚ]܈]\][[[\YK]X\\HX\[[H]x%[[H]\[[[HX]H܈ܚ%[[Y\H[\\]\\\ٙY[YYX\[\YK[وX[B[ۚ]ܙYH[\X\]XK(H[\HX[]X\Έ\H]X\ۛX[\[XX]HY]\[ۚ]܈]X[\H[x&\H\[HX[\X[H\YHݚY[X[Y[][ۜ›ۈ]Hۈ[\KY][ۈۈ[\ۈ[\\܈ N H\Z[ۚ]܈܈[]YX[\X[B[ۚ]܈X^HH\][HYY (H\Y[X[[XXZXH\[][ۜΈܛ[[[\]KXY[[XXZX\YYY]\H˜\H\YܙH][H[Y \H\[][ۜ˜\HX\XH]YK[[[H\HHH\X[\Z] ]Y[[XY\Y\YB\[][ۜ\H]Z[XH\HH\\]X\\[Y\\\[H\X[\[][ۋ(H[\ܝ[HوY\[[]X\X\N[]X\\Bܛ[^ۙ[X[K[X\]HX]\\\[&]X\\[BY\[\ \H\HۛHH]Y[]ܞH[\][XH܈[]X\[]][\܈X\]HXX\ˈ]8&\š[\ܝ[[^\]][X]H[\]X\][\]YB\\[Y\[\ܙ