Improvements Summer Sale 2017 - Page 67

B EYES LIGHT UP, SHAKE THE BUSH & GROWL! F WATCH IT! F | Haunted Hedge Eyes. When someone comes near, the scary eyes light up, growling sounds begin, and the bush even starts to shake! You get 3 pairs of eyes (1 of each style) that attach easily to shrub branches with the included twist ties. Each sound- activated, battery-powered shaker unit requires 4 AA batteries, not included. Eyes are 4 1 ⁄ 8 "W x 2½"H. 417343 - 3/$49.99 Witch with Cauldron G Santa H WATCH IT! J Poison Apples Jack-O’-Lantern NEW & EXCLUSIVE! G | Spooky Halloween Door Mats. Share a scary image with all who approach your doorway. Whether it’s poison apples, zombies, or a jack-o’-lantern, these low-profile, polyester mats get the point across quickly and clearly. Can be used inside and out (under a covered area), but print should not be left out in the sun. Machine washable with a rubber, skid-resistant Made in the backing. Each mat is 22" x 30½" x 8 mil thick. Specify pattern. 568533 - $39.99 USA H | Virtual Holiday Projector. With this window projector, your house will definitely be the coolest one in the neighborhood. Offering the latest in digital decorating, this indoor-only projector sits on a table or chair and projects a holiday-themed movie on your wall or window. When projected on the window, it’s sure to fascinate (and frighten!) anyone who passes by your house. Projector comes pre-loaded with 8 seasonal videos (Dancing Dead, Frankenstein, and Zombie Swarm are a few Halloween favorites) that can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Kit includes the projector, tripod, remote control, and white screen. It also has built-in speakers, stereo output, and a USB port and SD card slot for adding extra content. Set it on a table or on the floor for the perfect projection angle. 7"W x 5"D x 2¾"H. No additional discounts apply. 530427 - $129.99 Special Value $99.99 J | John Doe Animated Rising Body. Covered with a sheet with bare feet sticking out (complete with toe tag), this John Doe looks frightening enough just as a dead body. But when he slowly begins to sit up and make scary sounds, this Halloween decoration will add new life to your party! The John Doe Animated Rising Body is sound activated, or you can use the included footpad to set him in motion. Use this Halloween decoration indoors or in a covered location. Made of plastic and fabric, the John Doe Animated Rising Body requires 4 AA batteries, not included. 432262 - $99.99 WATCH IT! 800.642.2112 IMPROVEMENTSCATALOG.COM | 67