Improvements Summer Sale 2017 - Page 39

TEN FEET OF CLEANING REACH, NINE TOOLS, AND ONLY ONE POLE Cobweb Dome Duster Corner Duster Ceiling Fan Duster Bendable Chenille Duster EXCLUSIVE! Deluxe High-Reach Cleaning Kit. The cleaning kit to rival all cleaning kits is right here in a 12-pc. version. A 4-stage, lightweight telescoping pole (37", 62", 90", and 120") lets you tackle your challenges on upper levels with pieces like a ceiling fan duster, cobweb dome duster, and standard and floodlight bulb changers. On the ground, you’ve got a bendable chenille duster, a 16"L flexible microfiber duster, a corner duster, a flat chenille duster, window squeegee/scrubber, microfiber cover, and multi-angle adaptor. A storage bag with hanging hook is included. Made of plastic, nylon, aluminum, and microfiber. 565000 - $59.99 WATCH IT! Microfiber Duster Chenille Flat Duster Window Squeegee/ Scrubber Head Bulb Changers