Improvements Summer Sale 2017 - Page 38

B A Side support handrails for a more secure grip Oversized slip- resistant steps 4-Step EXCLUSIVE! A | Safety Ladders. Grab what you’re reaching for easily and securely with these sturdy 4-step and 3-step safety ladders. Perfect for cleaning, hanging photos, or accessing high cabinets or shelves, they include spongy front and side support handrails for a more secure grip. Oversized slip- resistant steps help your feet stay put, while padded feet protect your floor and add stability. Made of lightweight steel, the ladders are easy to open, close, and transport. Weight capacity is 225 lbs. 4-Step Ladder: Open: 20"W x 32"D x 62½"H; 3-Step Ladder: Open: 19"W x 28¼"D x 53¼"H. Both fold to 9"W. 511512 - 4-Step Safety Ladder $99.99 E 557309 - 3-Step Safety Ladder $79.99 3-Step ® Perfect for high-traffic areas B | Kimberly Slip-Resistant Rugs and Stair Treads. Natural sisal-look mats and treads are not only attractive, they’re exceptionally tough and effective at stopping dirt at the door. Crafted of long-wearing polypropylene; great for entryways and high-traffic areas. Simply vacuum and rinse with a hose. Specify color as shown. Size Check Border Solid 9"x29" Stair Treads 9"x36" Stair Treads 24"x36" Rug 36"x60" Rug 4'x6' Rug 5' x 8' Rug Half-Round Rug 26"x84" Runner 26"x60" Runner 26"x120" Runner n/a n/a 547079 547087 n/a n/a n/a 547129 n/a 547137 504112 504129 504095 504103 547262 547279 504137 504145 547254 504153 547028 547036 547002 547010 n/a n/a 547044 547053 n/a 547061 ® Protects hard floors ® Lessens the risk of slipping on stairs Retail 4/$29.99 4/$34.99 $29.99 $49.99 $79.99 $119.99 $29.99 $59.99 $49.99 $69.99 * Limited quantities. Mocha Wheat Mocha Indigo* Indigo* Indigo* Chocolate* Sage Sage Slate Grey Chocolate* Chocolate Burgundy Slate Grey Slate Grey 38 | IMPROVEMENTSCATALOG.COM 800.642.2112 Burgundy Burgundy Border in Indigo SLIP-RESISTANT RUGS & STAIR TREADS STAND UP TO TOUGH DIRT.